Spring enthusiasm

It’s a gloriously sunny day, spring is definitely in the air, and after a long walk with a good friend and our dogs and I have finally decided to get a move on and write the blog I’ve been thinking about for at least three years. Hurrah. After concentrating on doing up the house, we are turning our attention to our garden, which is on the White Cliffs (chalk) and fairly exposed. We’ve rashly and ambitiously signed up for the village Garden Safari in June – there’s nothing like a deadline to get me moving – and hope to at least have the veg plot looking good by then. We’ll see…

4 thoughts on “Spring enthusiasm

  1. What lovely news. I will look forward to reading this blog. Perhaps your deadline will keep us all on track for a lovely garden in the Summer. Good luck and have fun!


  2. Best snowdrop photo I’ve seen this year. And I’ve seen a lot of snowdrop photos. Good luck with the garden and the blog – really looking forward to following your progress.


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