Lazy Mothering Sunday

The onset of a stinky cold has scuppered my weekend gardening plans somewhat and the weather hasn’t encouraged us to get outside. I did a little half-hearted clearing and pruning yesterday while David energetically dismantled an old compost heap at the bottom of the garden. The wooden sides were rotten and it was collapsing, plus it was in the wrong place. Building new compost heaps is something else to add to our expanding ‘To Do’ list.

All I’ve managed to do today is to finish washing the seed pots and trays but not get round to any actual sowing. The leaflet that came with the seeds says ‘cleanliness is all important’; apparently the key to successful cultivation from seed is good housekeeping… I’m not sure I’m scrupulous enough but I’m making an effort this year to start well. It’s hugely disheartening to lose a load of little seedlings to dampening-off disease, a fungal disease that causes the root systems to rot, and so it is important to give them a fighting chance.

It’s a cold, dull, grey day and I have no energy for the garden. My lovely family is taking care of dinner, so I’m off to curl up by the woodburner and read my book.

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