Know your friends

Some plants seed themselves around the garden and are no trouble to move if they end up where you’d rather not have them. Our paths are currently lined with grape hyacinths (pictured) – gorgeous blue-purple sentinals – and there are definitely more of them this year than last.

Forget-me-nots, Aquilegea (granny’s bonnet) and Linaria (toadflax) are also welcome to spread around as far as I’m concerned. On the other hand, ivy, Japanese anenomes and hypericum are definitely NOT. These thugs have advanced while we’ve had our eyes off the ball. They’re between paving stones and in the dry stone walls; the ivy is climbing the trees and suffocating the hedges. Pulling it out and digging up the hypericum and anenomes is back-breaking work, especially as you have to get every last piece of root to stop them growing again. It’s a constant battle and we spent a good few hours yesterday clearing a patch.

Thank goodness for yoga and gin. A couple of rounds of sun salutations followed by catching up with friends at the local pub was the perfect antidote. Happy Easter.

2 thoughts on “Know your friends

  1. Ivy keeps trying to take over our garden as well, but I must admit that I quite enjoy battling with it – not sure what it says about me that I find the destruction and elimination of unwelcome plants much more therapeutic than yoga ….

    Happy Easter to you too!


    1. Ha ha, yes indeed Mrs Ford. Pulling out ivy definitely is therapeutic, and I feel the same about pruning, but my poor old back wouldn’t survive without the yoga.


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