A shark’s armpit


Today it is raining. It has been raining since about 7am. The light levels are low and the rain is very heavy. There is also the occasional rumble of thunder. We can hear water gushing down the drainpipes, battering the extension roof lights and bouncing off the steps outside. The gutters are overflowing. It is quite exciting, awesome even, all this water pouring out of the sky. The sea is a moody green-grey and rippled by the rain. The dark clouds in the sky are as grey as a shark’s armpit. *


*I cannot take the credit for that wonderful simile. I heard it on Radio 4 during a wonderful piece by A.L.Kennedy about August in Scotland. I’ve searched for it on BBC i-player but I can’t find it to link to it for you. Sorry.

24 thoughts on “A shark’s armpit

  1. What a lovely moody photo. is that view from your house? if yes, I’m insanely jealous!!!
    I love the odd day when it rains like this, especially if I’m tucked up dry and cosy inside, but it can wear thin when it goes on too long.


  2. The pond is replenished so no more complaints about the summer drought from me! I’ve been listening to The Sea,The Sea by Iris Murdoch on iplayer radio this afternoon. The Severed Head is on too this week. She writes so well about water in all its forms and you can tell she loved swimming. I think at one point in her life she used to swim in a weedy garden pond! I love the colour of the sky and your borrowed simile. Sarah x


  3. I love that phrase, it’s so apt for days like these. We’ve had our fair share of sky water today but without the rumbling clouds. I love how the rain soaks the garden so I’m quite enjoying it so far. Ask me again in a few days though … ! I managed to get out for a walk during a break in the rain, looks like you took your picture at the same time. That’s a great view you have!


  4. What a fabulous phrase!!! It was sharks armpit here today too. I told hubby that I couldn’t go out because I didn’t have a boat to cross the driveway on – it was like a lake! Let us hope for better weather tomorrow! xx


  5. Just catching up with you after my enforced unpluggedment – that is so a word 😉 – and I shall henceforth be using ‘grey as a sharks armpit’ too. I hope the weather’s cheered up for you x


    1. It is a brilliant phrase, isn’t it? I wish I’d thought of it. Unpluggedment – now I like that too. The weather has been foul today but it’s been my birthday so I have been ignoring it and concentrating on the sunshine inside x


  6. Yes I caught that piece too wasn’t it wonderful? She talked about the effect the muggy weather was having on children and I remembered how much teachers dreaded wet playtimes.


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