Autumn light



I love the sunlight at this time of year, especially in the late afternoon. There’s a gorgeous softness, depth and warmth to it. Other than to sweep up a tonne of leaves and pick up windfalls, I haven’t spent much time in the garden lately but I did pop out this afternoon to catch a little sun.

Miscanthus flowers. These plants are from a chunk chopped off a big clump of Miscanthus in our previous garden.
Miscanthus sinensis: these plants were propagated from a chunk taken from a big clump in our previous garden before we moved here. We originally bought this beautiful ornamental grass about 12 years ago from The Plantsman’s Preference, a fabulous nursery in Norfolk that specialises in hardy geraniums and ornamental grasses. I can’t remember the exact variety of Miscanthus – the label is long gone – but there are over 40 of varying sizes and colours on their website.
The raised planters either side of the steps have really filled out and are looking rather overgrown and chaotic. Annual grasses, including Panicum elegans ‘Frosted Explosion’, Salvia ‘Hot Lips’, rudbeckias and snapdragons (emergency planting for the garden safari back in June) have grown together in a frothy mass.
This is one of the planting combinations I’m most pleased with this year – Verbena rigida (which has been flowering for months), a blue/purple geranium of unknown variety, Gaura ‘The Bride’, a bronze fennel (that appeared out of nowhere) and more annual grasses.
As much as I dislike the invasive habit of Japanese anemones, you can’t deny they look completely beautiful when they’re flowering en masse.


In other news… It’s been a busy, long week. As well as the first full week of Back to School with all three children having to be out of the house by 7.35am, David has started a new job which means he’s away from home for most of the week. We’re all getting used to this and settling in to our new routines which means Being Organised: packing school bags the night before; eating a good breakfast to keep you going throughout the day when you’re too busy ‘socialising’ at lunchtime; keeping on top of increasing amounts of homework after a long summer of not picking up a pen; going to bed early… We’ve managed one week. I wonder how long it’ll last!

I hope you’ve had a good week and are enjoying some September sunshine wherever you are.


My sunny middle son is 14 (14!!!) today. He requested burgers for dinner and a coffee and walnut birthday cake. I was pleased to oblige.




19 thoughts on “Autumn light

    1. My favourite time of day is after everyone has gone out and I’ve come home to a quiet, calm house after walking the dog..! Shh, don’t tell anyone 🙂


  1. How gorgeous your garden is looking, and you’re right, the light at this time of year is gorgeous. I hope you son had a good birthday, coffee and walnut cake sounds delicious, I think I might make one for my birthday too. I know what you mean about how full-on it is to be back at school. I hope you have another good week. CJ xx


  2. Happy Birthday to your son!! I hope that all goes well in the new job for your hubby too! Your garden looks beautiful, and I love your comment about the Japanese Anemones, so far I have had one flower – last year – and they still remain a very small clump in my garden. Wish that I could get them to invade a little more!!! xx


  3. Beautiful photos, beautiful sunlight, beautiful garden and C&W birthday cake – what could be better! Good luck with the new routine. Mine were spoilt with a 5 minute brisk walk throughout their school careers. And please tell me, how did you manage to split your miscanthus? Mine was so dense I couldn’t even saw through it. It’s languishing in the undergrowth now offering a good home to earwigs and beetles!


    1. Thank you Sarah. I’d wait until spring when the Miscanthus is growing again and take an axe to it. Really, you can be quite brutal. You can also separate it into quite small pieces – as long as there’s some root and top growth, each piece should be fine. Good luck 🙂


  4. I know exactly what you mean about the light. You can just tell it’s autumn, the sun is lower and brighter somehow, but less harsh.

    Well done on those impressive morning routines – 7.35 is early for everyone be up and out! Long may it continue. x


    1. We’re not fabulous early risers, so it’s been a challenge getting out of the house at that time. It does mean that I can fit a lot more into a morning though!


  5. I love your combination of plants. I like using grasses in the garden they seem to add something different to the planting! Belated happy birthday to your son. It must be hard having David away most of the week. Sarah x


  6. Congratulations on the new job – I hope a suitable quantity of champagne was consumed. If the house is too quiet and you feel like a midweek jaunt to London do let me know!


  7. Hi Sam, Thanks for your comment over on my blog. I’m so glad you found me as your blog is lovely and I shall look forward to dropping in with you again. We’ve had school returns here this week too, as well as a university beginning. Big steps that fade to small ones after a few weeks of the new routine becoming normal.


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