A short break


Tomorrow, very early in the morning, I am going away for five whole days On My Own. Well, not strictly alone but without the family. A couple of girlfriends and I are off to visit a friend in southern Spain and it will be the longest I’ve been away since I had the children. I’ve had the occasional weekend away but I’ve not been overseas without them and I’ve not been away for more than a couple of nights. It feels very strange to be packing my bag.

Military planning is required: copious lists written, instructions given, fridge stocked. It’s slightly complicated by the fact that David now works away but my lovely parents are stepping in until he can get home. I had been feeling slightly overwhelmed by the planning involved (probably over-planning on my part) until I had a lovely message from my friend in Spain to say that the pool is very swimmable and we are to make ourselves completely at home – ‘wander about, swim, do nothing, do something, whatever you feel’. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? I am taking a couple of books and a notebook, and no electronic devices other than my phone. Adios amigos x

14 thoughts on “A short break

  1. How exciting! My sister and I managed to get a weekend away together when our youngest children were both two, but after that I never quite managed it again until the boys were quite grown up.
    Lucky you to have such lovely parents willing and able to step in.
    Have a fab time!


  2. This is so exciting! Go away and have fun BUT you must take a camera so that you can come back and tell us all about it. Please search out some lovely Mediterranean flowers for me.


  3. It all sounds completely amazing and totally idyllic. I hope you have a really fabulous time. Don’t feel guilty, don’t think about home, just relax and enjoy the space. x


  4. Hope you have a wonderful time! It’s hard to leave them , but sounds like you have put all your planning in place for everyone,and you will love spending time with your friends! X


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