Always label your freezer bags

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On Tuesday the blanket of grey, drizzly cloud that seems to have settled over us here in the south-east shifted temporarily. The sun shone, the birds sang, the sea glistened and I was invigorated enough to get into the garden. I weeded the back border and pulled out the annual grasses that had finished doing their thing and were flopping all over the place. I pulled out the tomato plants and cut back the first-year asparagus fronds to 5cm, then mulched the bed with compost (home-made – yippee!). Unsurprisingly, the cats made a bee-line for it and it wasn’t so neat the next day.

The asparagus bed, tucked in and put to bed for the winter.

I picked another load of raspberries (they are still going strong) and decided to freeze some so we can enjoy them in the depths of winter. I washed, dried and arranged them on a baking tray and carefully laid it the freezer. Once frozen, I tipped them in to a bag and put them back in to get lost underneath the unidentifiable bags of mince-based dishes. I know I should label them, especially as I’ve defrosted a bolognese and a chilli-con-carne together in one pan before now…

photo 3

The clocks go back tomorrow night (an extra hour in bed – bliss) and it’s half term next week. Is it me or does time seem to be speeding up? It doesn’t seem five minutes ago that it was the start of the autumn school term. Before we know it, it will be … No. I can’t mention ‘it’ yet. The children will be home in a couple of hours and I’ve a pile of ironing to do. I’m looking forward to slowing down later this evening and curling up by the wood-burner with a glass of something warming. Here’s wishing you a lovely relaxing weekend.

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18 thoughts on “Always label your freezer bags

  1. You are putting me to shame with the neatness of your lovely raspberries all lined up in perfect rows! Mine get shoved on a tray, shaken up a bit and bunged in the freezer any old how. I once defrosted a rabbit thinking it was a pheasant. Not as bad as my pa in law who defrosted what he thought was gooseberries to add to a fruit salad but turned out to be broad beans, which still went in the fruit salad! Enjoy your restful weekend and next week too- I agree, time speeds up continually. Am looking forward to a few days off! XX


    1. Ha ha, I’m imagining what broad beans in fruit salad would be like… I do like arranging fruit, as odd as that may be. A little order in the chaos. Have a great half term CT x


  2. I’m new to your blog and really enjoyed your busy day in the garden. It is spring here in Canberra, Australia, and I’ve just come in from our garden, so lovely to see your autumn colours…and learn about life in Kent.


    1. Welcome Gerrie. It’s brilliant to be able to find out about others’ lives on the opposite side of the globe via this great blogging community.


  3. I freeze bolognese and chilli in plastic containers usually labelled with post it stickers which go smudgy. This is part of my cunning plan for a speedy defrost as I’ve never had a microwave – gosh I sound like such a Luddite as I’ve just admitted to Thistlebear that we don’t have a DVD player! However, I have just finished a deep and meaningful telephone call to Apple support so there is hope. We had noticed your penchant for arranging fruit Sam. Have a lovely sunny Sunday.


    1. Our microwave packed up a couple of years ago and we’ve not replaced it. I only miss it when defrosting mystery bags! Are you investing in a Mac? Having used one for over 20 years I’m an Apple fan (although I don’t see the appeal of the big watch).


  4. I agree, always label those bags. I’ve defrosted things I couldn’t even identify, but I think that was mostly a function of leaving them in the freezer much too long. 🙂


  5. The lucky dip of the freezer is a game we play too often! Chicken stock and apple juice look surprisingly similar.
    Very impressed with your raspberry arranging. I pick into a small plastic box, freeze them overnight and then they shake out fine the next morning into a bag. I did once freeze them like yours but jogged the tray when I took them out and lost half the raspberries in the bottom of the freezer. Our raspberries are still fruiting but the recent rain has turned many of them to mush.


    1. Ah yes, gravy! That’s always tricky to identify. I’ve been trying to keep an eye on our raspberries and pick them as they ripen but it is a battle with the weather now.


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