In a Vase on a Monday: Small is Beautiful


Standing in the kitchen this morning, nursing my mug of coffee and thinking about what to pick for today’s ‘vase’, my gaze landed on my grandma’s teapot. It’s from Portmeirion’s The Botanic Garden range and it depicts cyclamen and butterflies. I love it mostly because I loved my grandma very much and it reminds me of her.

It’s cyclamen season and we spent yesterday afternoon transplanting Cyclamen hederifolium tubers from the undergrowth at the bottom of the garden up to the side of the path we walk along all the time. Here we will be able to enjoy their gorgeous little blooms. There are so many hidden at the bottom of the garden that it didn’t feel wrong to snip a few this morning to show you. I’ve arranged them in a tiny porcelain cup that I bought in a junk shop years ago. It has ‘E & Co, France’ on its bottom and I bought it because I liked its delicate shape. I’ve been carting it around ever since and this is the first time I’ve used it!

I’m joining in with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden where you’ll find lots of other lovely arrangements from all around the world.


27 thoughts on “In a Vase on a Monday: Small is Beautiful

  1. Your little vase this week is like an ‘offering’ to your grandma. I also love the patterns on the cyclamen leaves…so many variations creep in. I am so pleased that now you have moved them, you will be appreciating them more often.


  2. The cyclamen are always gorgeous to see and do deserve a vase of their own so this really shows them off. We use Portmeirion breakfast bowls which were 2nds at a car boot sale and one has cyclamen like this so I shall think of you when I use it!

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  3. When we stayed in The Old Country House Ella told me that mice love cyclamen bulbs and this explains why they have spread so much in her garden. I have now become obsessed with having a pool of cyclamen but know that they would not survive the short back and sides school of mowing employed by MrM.


  4. Your cyclamen look just perfect in the teacup, Sam. I was a little surprised to see them and had to remind myself that it is late October. They should be making an appearance here in southern California too but the weather has been just too hot – I suspect they’re hiding out waiting for the arrival of cooler temperatures (if those ever come).


    1. Hello Kris. I often think I’d love to live somewhere warmer but I do like the changing seasons and the to see the differences in the garden and landscape. Hope your cyclamen put in an appearance soon.


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