Heavy hearts, this weekend. The stark reality of our world can be overwhelmingly sad but we must hang on to love, tolerance, respect, joy, beauty, compassion and hope. I’m joining in with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her weekly gathering of beautiful flower arrangements. It seems particularly appropriate to be appreciating beauty where we can find it.

The garden has been battered by heavy winds and rain all weekend and we woke up to more grey and driving rain this morning. It stopped raining about an hour ago, the clouds parted and the sun came out (fleetingly), so I rushed out into the garden, scissors in hand, and snipped some Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ and white snapdragons, and foliage from rosemary, Lonicera nitida, jasmine and Lysimachia. It smells delicious. I also cut a pink rosebud from the unknown climbing rose at the front of the house, which you can just see bottom left in the picture below.








22 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Yes, Sam – such a touching tribute. Donna of Garden Eye View shared this quote some time ago, and I am always mindful of it when contemplating man’s inhumanity to man… ‘If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change’…. If only everyone stopped long enough to see such a miracle the world would be a very different place….

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  2. I appreciate the way you look for beauty in the simple things, especially when the world can be so cruel. Your flowers are beautiful and delicate, and they make me happy to look at them. Thank you. I hope you have a good week, take care.


  3. A lovely fresh vase, I love it. We have all been in a state of shock this weekend, all the more reason to reach out to like minded people and share our love of flowers and the things that make life precious.


  4. You are so lucky to still have some gorgeous flowers in the garden. It is good to celebrate the good things, especially when the weekend has been dominated by evil.


    1. We planted ours last June. I cut it back to about 20cm in early spring and it’s grown to about 1.2m over the summer/autumn. It’s obviously happy where it is and is very pretty.

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