The accidental idler

IMG_9369 IMG_9370

The geraniums haven’t realised that it’s late November.
Miscanthus seedhead.
photo 4
More geraniums and bare branches.
My son’s 16th birthday was a very happy day. We took the cake round to my parents after school, so mum could join in the celebrations. The cake is a family favourite – chocolate coated with chocolate ganache (Nigella Lawson’s Birthday Cake from ‘How to Eat’).
It’s been very cold this weekend – proper wintery temperatures – and we’ve had the woodburner going almost constantly. Toasty.


Another weekend; another trip to the hospital… I was rushing up some steps to answer the phone on Saturday, tripped and slammed my foot into the wooden riser. A lot of shouting/swearing and hopping around ensued. By Sunday morning my big toe had swollen and was sporting a lovely green-purple bruise. Hmmm… A trip to the local minor injuries unit and an x-ray confirmed that it was indeed broken and it’s now taped up like a comedy toe to keep it straight and the only shoes I can fit into are my old trainers.

So, we now have two limping family members which caused momentary confusion when I took my middle son for his follow-up at the fracture clinic this morning. We’ll be on first-name-terms before we know it. His foot is healing but he’ll be on crutches for a while longer and definitely no contact sports until the new year.

I can drive and potter about at home but there’s to be no proper walking. And I have to sit and keep it elevated as much as possible this week. Major downside = no walking the dog. Major upside = no shopping. Luckily, lovely friends and my dad have offered to help with the dog-walking and I have the trusty internet for the food shop. I just need to work on my sanity and adjust my calorie intake. I don’t know about you but I find it particularly difficult to step away from the biscuits when it’s cold and I’m bored. Must. Try. Hard.
I don’t have any paid work this week, so I’m planning to catch up on reading, write lots of lists (there’s a busy time coming soon), sketch some planting ideas and try (again) to get to grips with crocheting. More on that soon (or maybe not!). Wishing you a very good week.

33 thoughts on “The accidental idler

  1. Ooh, sorry to hear about your injury. A broken toe seems like such a small thing, but it has such huge consequences. I’ve been there. Hoping for a quick recovery!


  2. Oh poor you! A broken toe seems disproportionately painful for the size of the body part. Thank goodness for the NHS. The main thing is to make the most of your enforced sitting down, and enjoy it (it’s allowed!). Hope you’re soon mended.


    1. Thank you Deborah. I’m not very good at putting my feet up, especially as I feel fine (apart from sore toe), but I will try to make the most of it.


  3. Oh Sam, poor you, that sounds so painful, I hope you have a speedy recovery. Have you come across Bella Coco’s video tutorials for crochet? She taught me this time last year and it was learning how to do the starburst motif that led me to the blog Posie gets cozy and the rest, as they say, is history. Enjoy your enforced foot rest, what you have planned sounds rather lovely.


    1. Thank you Sarah. I did look at some youtube tutorials but got frustrated and ended up undoing all my attempts! I will take a look at hers and try to be more patient 🙂


  4. Oh! I feel your pain and am sending healing vibes through the ether. MrM broke his toe on a flat iron that my parents used as a doorstop and has been mighty careful ever since about keeping shoes on his feet.

    I’m a knitter but feel rather envious of those who crochet because there are such lovely patterns on the Attic24 blog so stick at it while you have the excuse to sit down and then you can create all those lovely stripey blankets.


    1. Thank you Alice 🙂 Poor MrM – that must’ve been excruciating. I’m a knitter (definitely not advanced) but have been eyeing up all those gorgeous crochet blankets on blogs. I WILL persevere!


  5. Ouch! Poor you. I was going to say it must be nice to have an excuse to put your feet up but when you’ve got to rest, that never the same thing as choosing to rest. I hope your foot heals soon. I ate four chocolate digestive this morning when I should’ve just had a banana.

    Happy birthday to your handsome boy. x


    1. Thanks Gillian. I haven’t put my feet up much today but intend to do so tomorrow. By the way, I hold you and Jennifer at Thistlebear and your beautiful blankets entirely responsible for my crochet mission!


  6. Sorry to hear about your toe. I banged my toe today–tripped over the hoover and bumped into the wall! No serious damage done though, just a bit sore. My geraniums are still flowering too, in fact they survived last winter and came back as good if not better than last year. Amazing, especially as we live in the north. Hope you’re better soon:)


  7. Oooh painful. I like the brave red of the geraniums amongst the winter branches. I’ve been seduced by stripy blankets that others have crocheted but crochet uses so much yarn that I’ve reverted to good old knitting. Hope you can soon fit back into normal shoes.


  8. Ooh that sounds really painful. Being forced to rest is not quite the same as choosing to is it? I hope you master that crochet I haven’t managed it yet either and like you would love to with all the beautiful makes I keep seeing on blogs 😉


  9. Oh you poor thing, just spraining mine was bad enough and it’s still not completely right a month on. Probably my own fault for carrying on regardless. Like you, I don’t take to sitting around particularly well. Take care!


  10. Sam, you poor thing! I did laugh a little, sorry!
    Your garden wall is the stuff of my fantasies; so gorgeous. AND the rhubarb forcer (?)… Lovely.
    Be warned: crochet is addictive. Seriously.
    Hope the poor toe heals quickly. Lynda.


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