The force is strong, it is *


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The excitement is building in our house. Voices are getting louder, there is more running up and down stairs, more snack-grazing, school bags are being discarded and ignored… School breaks up for the Christmas holidays on Wednesday and there are only two more very early starts this term. I’m sighing happily at the thought.

But the impending festivities are not what is causing the major excitement here. Oh no. Christmas pales in comparison to the biggest film release of the year – Star Wars: The Force Awakens. My boys Cannot Wait. Since about the age of five, they’ve been captivated. They’ve watched all the films on dvd (although I wouldn’t let them see the scary one until they were old enough), played with light-sabres, built the Lego models and created elaborate battle scenes, been to exhibitions and poured over the books but they have never seen a Star Wars film at the cinema. To say that this film will be the highlight of their holiday is not an exaggeration. They’ve even been on a Star Wars dvd marathon this weekend, watching all six films (for the umpteenth time) in chronological order to get ready. The first day of the holidays is usually started with a very long lie-in but I’ve booked tickets for them to see it on Thursday morning, so I know they will be up and ready in very good time!

In other news, we decorated our tree yesterday. It’s fair to say that there was some initial disappointment – it is smaller than in years past (I am trying to keep a lid on spending) – but once it was bedecked in twinkly lights and beloved decorations everyone was smiling. There is still more decorating to do – greenery to be gathered and brought indoors, garlands to hang – but I’m going to take my time and enjoy doing this with whoever wants to help me over the coming days.

Whatever you’re doing this week, may the force be with you 🙂

*if you’re not a Star Wars fan, this title will make no sense at all!

39 thoughts on “The force is strong, it is *

    1. I clearly remember watching the first one at the cinema as a child – I’d never seen anything like it before – and I love that my boys find the films exciting all these years later. I’m sure there are plenty of people who’ve no idea what I’m on about!


  1. I can’t say I share the excitement over Star Wars but my husband likes it. Your Christmas tree is lovely! I happen to like a smaller tree, I think it’s a little more natural and rustic that way (and easier to decorate!). It’s all looking very festive at your house. I hope you have a good week.


  2. You must go to the Star Wars exhibition at the Beaney museum in Canterbury if you get a chance. There is also an exhibition of Oliver Postgate’s work on The Clangers, which I’m sure you remember! Oh my – those Star Wars Lego kits – give me knitting any day!


  3. Love your tree. And this is so funny – our son is in the exact same frenzy over the movie release this week. He, too, does a marathon watch of all six films regularly – two times last week, when he was done with finals but still had to hang around the dorms to be available to the others kids on his floor as a Resident Assistant. Thank goodness he has an old friend to go to the premier with – I certainly don’t have any interest!


  4. Anne, I’ve never seen a Star Wars film either, and I also thought I was the only one. There are two of us!

    Sam, the tree’s looking lovely and you have some really pretty decorations. The excitement level is pretty high here as well. I think the school is deliberately hyping them all up before sending them home to us. I really must watch a Star Wars film or too, I do so love a good quote. CJ xx


    1. Ah, do CJ – your boys might enjoy them too. I’d watch the original three (chronologically films IV, V and VI) as they are by far the best, even though the special effects will probably seem a bit dated.


  5. Well may the force be with you too!
    My two (now 18 and 19) were never big Star Wars fans, but their thing, especially my daughter, was Harry Potter. Consequently I did the ludicrous midnight book purchasing (while they were sound asleep in bed) and the later film releases, so I know exactly what a big deal it all is.
    At least you haven’t had to read all the books aloud TWICE.
    I love you decorations – mine have to wait for the daughter’s return from uni.


    1. My daughter is very in to Harry Potter at the moment, so I have a double whammy. At least there’s nothing new coming along there (I think!). Enjoy your decorating when your daughter returns home.

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  6. May the force be with you, too! I trod on some Star Wars lego this morning, cursing loudly. My little creatures are not that bothered about the movie but I will go and see it sometime during the holiday, maybe with the teenager. Your tree decorations are lovely. x


  7. I saw all the first ones but was underwhelmed by the prequels. I shall definitely be making the trip to the cinema to see this one – even if my husband and daughter can’t see the point. They were both Harry Potter aficionados!
    Have a good Christmas – your tree looks great.


    1. Thanks Mary. You too. My sons absolutely loved the film – it gets a huge thumbs-up. They won’t tell me anything about it, though, as I’ll be seeing it over the weekend hopefully. Hope you get to see it soon.


  8. I like your polar bear. M and I watched the old Star Wars at the weekend and fell asleep. Not because it isn’t a great film, but because we are old. XX


    1. My brother went to see it with his son (who’s 10), as well as my boys and they all thought it was AWESOME. I’m hoping to go next week and am trying not to listen to any reviews in the meantime!

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  9. I love your tree Sam. My son was Star Wars mad, he had all the figures, including a seriously creepy Yoda and of course the duvet colour. May the force be with you.


  10. Oh, you made me laugh. We’ve had the 6 DVD marathon, the baby Jesus replaced with Yoda and even the cheap(er, slightly) tree which is shedding needles by the bucket. Still somehow, it has been the best Christmas in years. The force, indeed, is strong! Enjoy.


  11. My boys are not huge SW fans, but my youngest was taken by the school to see it,( along with a couple of hundred others) as a reward for excellent behaviour at school. He thought it was fantastic. I may take him to see it again during the holidays, mainly because I rather like Harrison Ford. Happy New Year when it comes X


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