In a Vase on Monday


A completely unseasonal jug of flowers today – a gift from one of our visitors this past week – which is probably cheating and not in the true spirit of ‘In a Vase on Monday’ but I hope it’ll be allowed. It’s a cheery bunch (although I dread to think about the air miles involved) and the flowers bring out the pink in my favourite table cloth. In the background you get a peek of Christmas lingering on here. Not for long – I’m about to work my way from room to room and tidy it all away. The children will complain mightily when they return home from school later but it’s time and I’m more than ready to say goodbye to it for another year.

Do hop over to Cathy’s blog to see the other first Monday vases of the year.

31 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday

  1. Christmas is all boxed up here – apart from some fairy lights that are cheerful. I love flowers in winter but it is always a bit of a dilemma isn’t it? I have a hyacinth that just started flowering. It smells wonderful and is a sign of things to come.


    1. I try to buy seasonal flowers but I’m always delighted to receive any flowers as a gift. These pink stocks smell of summer. Hyacinths have a delicious scent – we have some deep blue ones in the garden that are just poking out.


  2. With the weather so mild and bulbs of all sorts springing up in the garden, it just felt wrong to hang on to Christmas. It was lovely to put it all up on Christmas Eve but I’m also ready to get on with 2016 now. The flowers are lovely, Sam, and it would be churlish not to appreciate flowers given as a gift! If this mild weather continues, who knows what we’ll be picking at the end of January!


    1. I’ve got tulips about 4cm up already! Too early. I do wonder whether we’ll get any proper cold weather this year and how the garden will respond if we don’t. It’s a little unsettling.


  3. A bit of cheating must be allowed ! I’m itching to clear up Christmas but mine are still at home and would literally string me up if I made an attempt on the tree. Enjoy.


  4. Lovely and we mustn’t look a gift horse in the mouth and the pink tones in flowers and tablecloth are so pretty and cheery. I’ve just taken the Christmas tree down. I usually wait until the 5th or 6th, never quite sure when Twelth night falls but I’m busy the rest of the week so it’s gone.


  5. They make a pretty combination, don’t they? Are the pink blooms stock? Surprisingly I have some stock in bloom, from seed sown in August – don’t know what it’s up to! I shall particularly miss the red cherry lights we have outside when we take them down, so they will definitely be waiting till the 6th!


    1. Yes, I’m pretty sure they are stocks Cathy. I’m amazed you have some in bloom – they’re usually spring/summer! Everything is discombobulated by the weird weather at the mo.


  6. I think it’s lovely to see some pink at this time of year, partly because January can be a colour-starved month, and partly as an antidote to all the red of Christmas. All flowers are welcome in this house, grown or bought. x


  7. The pink stock (Matthiola) is beautiful, whatever its source. Believe it or not, it’s in season here in southern California and is readily available in our local nurseries. It doesn’t hold up well in hot weather so it’s only offered during our cool season. (We really only have 2 seasons – cool and warm-hot.)


  8. such pretty blooms. Christmas packed up here except for the fairy lights, they have a reprieve, actually the tree might stay too, as it’s a branch and not a “Christmas tree” x


  9. I love the scent of stocks, such a change from the usual winter flowers. I think most of us are delighted to get rid of the Xmas stuff and get back to normal. I can never wait until twelfth night.

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