In a Vase on Monday

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Brrr, it is cold outside – we’ve not had snow (unlike much of the UK) but we have had frost and there’s a biting wind. I thought I would find slim pickings for a vase this morning but I was wrong. It seems there is plenty of interest at any time of year in this garden when I go searching for it. The hazel at the bottom of the front garden is dripping with catkins, so I climbed over the garage roof (not quite as intrepid as it sounds) to cut a few sprigs. These early spring flowers deserve a vase all of their own. The other small vase is full of Viburnum tinus, Vinca major ‘Variegata’ and a white heather. This grows alongside the path by the steps to the garage and, as I’m not a fan of heathers, I hadn’t paid it much attention before this morning. I could be persuaded that it’s actually quite pretty. I photographed the vases outdoors then brought them inside for everyone to enjoy these early signs of spring.

I’m joining in again with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden and all the other bloggers who love to create a Vase on a Monday.

30 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday

  1. Love the displays of winter flowers, but love even more that tall vase/ewer with handle. That is a really love piece of ceramic.
    Margaret P


  2. Yes, I was going to say the same as Christina about the heather! But the periwinkle also looks good in the vase although I am afraid I took all mine out after it started reaching where it wasn’t wanted – poor unloveables! And the viburnum is meant to be a bit invasive too – but we can forgive her as well as the others think! Gosh, that doesn’t sound critical does it – 3 unloveables in a vase? Hope not, as they look so good together – and therefore justify their spots in the garden! 🙂 Thanks for sharing them today Sam ps the blue jug is indeed a lovely piece


  3. These are such lovely displays, and I’m so impressed by the colour and variety you found out there in January. The catkins look great in that vase (it is a seriously nice vase) and I think that white heather is really rather lovely. It adds a delicate texture to the display. x

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  4. They look gorgeous, and what a great way of really noticing plants that we would normally just pass by without properly seeing and appreciating. And gorgeous vases too.
    After I read this, I walked through my garden and saw it with different eyes. Will be cutting some viburnum tinus, catkins, and hellebores today for our table. Great inspiration!


    1. That’s lovely. Cathy’s ‘In a Vase’ has helped me to see quite a few plants in my garden through new eyes. It’s a lovely creative process if you have the time.


  5. Like the others, I love that large jug. Interesting to see the white heather; I had no idea what that was in the photos. I actually thought it might have been rosemary, based on the leaves. My rosemary plants only have blue flowers. Lovely arrangements, as always.

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  6. I have never known what that pretty purple flower was called before. It grows all through our hedge in the front garden, but not until May or June! Chilly Scottish climate etc! Your arrangements are lovely, so pretty X


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