Winter light

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I have been completely distracted by the light all week. It has had me rushing to find my phone to capture it before the sun shifts and the perfect moment is gone. The skies at the beginning and end of each day have been particularly magnificent and the early morning sun has bathed the house in a glorious pinky-golden light.

This morning, after I dropped the children at the station, I stood at the top gate, took deep breaths of chilled air, listened to the birdsong all around and wallowed in the wonder of it all. This winter light fills me with optimism and gladdens my heart.

16 thoughts on “Winter light

  1. That’s a lovely perspective. Mostly winter light makes me feel depressed – somehow my inner self feels the light shouldn’t be coming from that bizarrely oblique angle. I think it’s a significant contributor to my Seasonal Affective Disorder.


  2. I agree Sam, it has been the most spectacular week for light. In the midst of everything i’ve been finding time to stop and wonder at the beauty all around, at times it has been like molten gold and completely breathtaking. The moon and the stars have been wonderful too.


  3. The winter light was so dull and depressing during December.
    It was good to have a couple sunny frosty days, we could do with some more. I like the picture of the sunshine reflected onto the room wall.


  4. Beautiful images there is something so special with the light at this time of year. I was talking to a photographer before Christmas and he told me he always takes the best pictures of sunrise and sunset by the sea at this time of year as the light is not harsh. Sarah x


  5. We also have had glorious winter skies in Maine this January. I never tire of watching them. I have spent my afternoons sewing in a room flooded with light so golden it looks as if you could cut it with a knife. Beautiful shots.


  6. Such beautiful light in all of these shots my friend! You have the most amazing views! Wishing you all good things this week!!! Good to be back for sure! Nicole xoxo


  7. Such beautiful pictures! You have done a wonderful job of capturing the light. And I agree about the winter light filling us with optimism. We had sun yesterday for the first time in awhile and I could feel my spirits lifting.


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