Five on Friday

I’m on a roll this week, so I thought I’d join in with Amy’s Friday post.  It’s back to normal service after today as it’s half term next week and I have a job coming in (great timing).

photo 3

1. Yesterday, as I was pottering in the kitchen in the late afternoon, the light changed. I glanced up and noticed that the sea was glowing. And I mean really glowing. This photo doesn’t do it justice. It was breathtaking.

photo 1


2. There are occasional cliff falls around these parts. Another chunk fell off recently (the nearest pile of white chalk at the cliff base in the top photo). The boulders of chalk are actually enormous when you see them on the beach. I didn’t go much closer to investigate! David was sitting in bed when the latest fall happened and said he felt it shake. Luckily, the cliff falls tend to happen at night, so it’s unlikely there would be anyone on the beach or wandering on the clifftop but it is a worry. I’m always slightly spooked and keep well away from the edge for several weeks afterwards.

photo 5

3. I walked down to the beach this morning with a friend and our dogs. She has three dogs who love to swim but the tide was too far out for them today with too many slippery rocks to negotiate. When Cassie came to live with us she was terrified of the beach and refused to even walk down the steps – David ended up carrying her down the first time. The poor thing shivered and shook all over until she realised it wasn’t that scary after all. Now she loves running about on the beach but still avoids the water’s edge. She is definitely not a water-dog.


4. The snowdrops are still popping up in the lawn. There’s a lovely drift under the cherry tree. I was worried that David had chopped the tops off them too early last spring (he’s a keen lawn-mower) but they don’t seem to have suffered at all.


5. A lovely friend gave me a gift voucher for a spa facial for my birthday back in August and I finally got round to it this morning. It was an absolute treat and I came out feeling all floaty and totally relaxed. I did a little shopping afterwards and found this perfect birthday card for my sister-in-law. Giddy. Such a brilliant word and quite a nice feeling!

Wishing you a lovely weekend.



47 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Gorgeoys photos, especially the top couple. I live in Kent, too, but am more inland, so my view isn’t as stunning as yours! And, yes, a very underused word, giddy: I think I’ll try and slip it into my conversation this weekend..!


  2. Wonderful sky and seascapes. What a view! Your snowdrops are looking good and obviously spreading well. I hope you have a great weekend too, it sounds as if you have got off to a good start.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hope you had a great time at the spa! Wonderful to see the beautiful snowdrops. Wish that I could come for a walk with you on the beach! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, Happy Valentines! xx p.s. you might want to change your post link, it isn’t going to this one, it is going to the one with the sponge cell. xx


  4. Wow, a cliff fall sounds terrifying! There are a lot of highways in the U.S. that were cut through hills and mountains, so you see many signs as you drive them saying “watch for falling rock.” I doubt there’s much chance of avoiding falling rock if it’s happening as you drive through, though!


  5. Glad to see you relinked since the first one wasn’t working. I’ve never heard of a cliff fall. Does sound a little scary. Beautiful images. happy weekend, Tammy


    1. Hi Tammy, thank you. The village history society has some old photos of the cliffs and bay from about 100 years ago and you can see how the cliffs have eroded in that short space of time. It’s a reminder that our landscape is always changing in one way or another.


  6. Wow those are wonderful images of your coastline. Cliffs falls are unfortunately a hazard here too especially when we are experiencing extreme weather. That spa facial sounds a good start to the weekend! Sarah x


  7. Gorgeous photos, but what drama with the rock fall. I’ve been longing to see the sea lately, so thank you for sharing your images. The snowdrops are wonderful. Wishing you a good weekend and a lovely half term. Sadly ours is over now, we had the week just gone. As always it absolutely flew by. CJ xx


  8. Beautiful sea and sky and I love to see snowdrops naturalised in grass under trees. We may have started something on the dog front. Have you ever played Have a lovely weekend, we’ll be sanding kitchen work tops at the cottage amongst other delights.


    1. Ooh, exciting. I haven’t played ‘what-dog’ but I did ask a dog-expert friend for advice. It turns out that a lurcher is perfect for us – one long or two shortish walks a day and she sleeps for most of the rest of the time! She’s quite undemanding and fits into family life. Hope your cottage jobs went well.


  9. The rock fall sounds very dramatic, I suppose just Mother Nature doing her spring cleaning, but frightening all the same. Your snowdrops look very prolific, mine are a little sparse so far this year, I am hoping lots more bloom over the next week or two X


  10. Wonderful pictures! The one of the cliff that has partially collapsed makes me feel a bit queasy though. I’ve done two walks where cliffs were involved (Wales and Ireland, although not so many on the Ireland walk), and I worried about that very thing happening when we were on them.


  11. Wow, that’s a lot of cliff to come down in a heap! I see there are a couple of buildings on the edge there…are they homes?! I wouldn’t have any peace of I heard the cliff crumbling apart right outside my door.
    That is a beautiful shot of the clouds over the sea. If you say it was even better in person, it must have been absolutely spectacular! How lucky that you had your camera handy for that shot.


  12. That’s an amazing view you have from your kitchen. We just have our back garden, the alley, and the neighbor’s yard across the alley (which has been converted into an ice rink for the winter).


    1. Slight artistic licence, Jason – the photo was from the balcony. I can see most of it from the kitchen but the best view is from upstairs. The ice rink sounds intriguing!

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  13. Lovely post, Sam. That first photo in particular is stunning. High drama with the cliff fall, I would be petrified of more coming! Lucky you with snow drops in the garden. The mice have eaten mine. I have one water dog and one definitely not water dog (teddy!) XX

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