Come with me

IMG_5963Down to the beach.



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It’s half term here this week and the skies have been blue, blue, blue which is a thrilling combination. The sun was peeking around the curtains yesterday morning in that ‘come outside, it’s a perfect day’ kind of way, so I couldn’t possibly resist the lure of the beach. I managed to persuade my bleary-eyed daughter to come with me and the dog to see the effects of the recent storms. It appears that Imogen and her mates have thrown much of the beach up on to the car park and there were lots of stranded jellyfish and plastic bits and pieces. Oh, but it was beautiful – one of those magical moments when I couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather be. And it was lovely to stroll along with my girl, chatting and noticing the gorgeousness around us. I took rather a lot of photos – I have restrained myself in my selection here (really, I have) – and our walk set me up for several hours of proof-reading. It didn’t seem so bad being stuck at a desk after such an excellent start to the day.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Howard Jacobson in the Observer magazine on Sunday which leapt out at me: “Uncertainty is the only respectable intellectual position to have about everything.” I may have more to say about this next time. Oh, and I’ve managed a bit of crochet!

Wishing you a splendid rest of the week.


23 thoughts on “Come with me

  1. That is an excellent quote – I wholeheartedly agree! And your description of your beach stroll with your daughter made me wish for some time with my three. Those are the very best of times.

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  2. Beautiful photos of the sun sparkling on the water, what a treat. Lovely to spend time with your daughter too. Precious moments.
    I saw the Jacobson ‘This Much I Know’ interview. I think Shylock is going to be an uncomfortable, but compelling read.

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  3. It is beautiful and now you have such a lovely record of that half term February morning spent with your daughter on the beach here on your blog. Do you swim here or are the currents too strong? I read that piece too. I used to enjoy H. Jacobson’s comment and opinion pieces in the Independent but I’m not a fan of his fiction.


    1. I have friends who swim almost all year round but I am a fair-weather swimmer. There is a strong current if you go far out, so I stay close to shore.


  4. It was wonderful to take a stroll along your stretch of coastline, it looks a wonderful beach. Our esplanade too is covered in pebbles from recent storms. I too find that a walk like this sets me up for the day especially if I have lots of jobs to do! Sarah x

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