In a vase on Monday: March miniatures and memories


In these early weeks of spring, each bloom spied in the garden is a delight and it gives me such pleasure to collect a few to bring indoors, faff about with arranging them and photograph them for Cathy’s weekly gathering. I could spend a lot of time faffing about with flowers… So, what do we have today?
::  there are still a few hellebores at the bottom of the garden. Note to self: plant more for next year.
:: Muscari are popping out all over the place, diminutive blue soldiers lining the paths.
::  Tete-a-Tete daffs – this stem has three flowerheads – are the only narcissus in bloom in our garden at the moment; later varieties are on their way.
:: most of the snowdrops are going over but there are still a few pristine flowers here and there. I’ll be lifting a few clumps to divide and spread further around the garden this week.
:: the three pots of Iris reticulata I bought last month are still blooming their socks off and choc-a-bloc with flowers. I’ll plant these into the garden when they’ve finished flowering.

The final photo above is of Cerinthe major seeds that I’ve been soaking in water overnight. Their seed cases are very tough and I read that if you soak them before planting, they’re more likely to germinate. I’ve not tried growing this plant before, so hopefully it’ll work. I’m planning ahead for sumptuous summertime vases 🙂

How was your weekend? Ours was a whirlwind of birthday preparations and celebrations for our girl. This birthday in particular has had me feeling quite wistful and conscious of time whizzing by. Slow down! We spent a happy half hour crowded around the computer screen yesterday looking back at photos from when the children were small. ‘Mum! Dad! You look so young!’; ‘Noooo! You cannot show that picture of me in my pants!’; ‘Oh, that’s hilarious!’; ‘ Look at our old house/garden!’; ‘Oh, I remember that!’… Big sighs and smiles all round. On the one hand it seems such a long time ago; on the other hand it seems like yesterday.

Wishing you a fab week.





28 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: March miniatures and memories

  1. I find Cerinthe are one of those seeds that are very weak when I sow them carefully and so much better when they later set seed and grow on their own! Good luck, I noticed the other day that mine have flowers so I must use them in a vase soon.

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  2. Love the way you have captured the light around your spring flowers. After seeing Cerinthe last year in Monday Vases, I too am hoping to grow some in the garden. Enjoy the spring in your garden.

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  3. I didn’t know to soak cerinthe seeds before sowing so thanks for the tip Sam. I’ve never sown this one before either and plan to sow direct at the allotment when it warms up a bit. Such a lovely photo of your birthday girl and your spring treasures are just perfect.

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  4. My sort of flower arranging! Looking back at photos makes me realise that we should never worry about looking middle aged because when we’re eighty, we’ll look at the photos and think how young we looked.
    I’ve just googled Cerinthe major – they look fabulous. Let’s hope your seeds germinate successfully.

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  5. It’s a pretty collection of flowers that sings spring and you found the perfect vases for them. Good luck with the Cerinthe seeds! My plants self-seed freely, although they don’t generally plant themselves where I want them.

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  6. You are lucky still have your Iris in flower. I love Cerinthe major they always used to self seed in our old garden until the slugs and snails discovered them! We do have one seeding that has appeared here too. You inspired me to try the raspberries and we bought the variety you recommended. They aren’t in a perfect position but I am hoping that the crop will be good, if Tavi doesn’t pull anymore out!. Sarah x


    1. I read that cerinthe isn’t a favourite with slugs and snails. Oh dear. Oh well, I’ll see how they get on. Good luck with your raspberries.


  7. Hmm, be prepared for the even bigger birthdays as they/we get older!! It’s a good reminder to keep taking pictures though and I have realised that I rarely take pictures of people these days – just plants and gardens! It is good to see you showcasing examples of all your spring beauties like this – and 3 heads on your T a T? I hardly ever see 2 on mine, so not much of a conversation there then 😉 I was puzzling over the 4th picture until you mentioned the cerinthe – mine was sown in the autumn and could have been planted out then but wasn’t. I may sow some more but am hoping some may have self seeded from last year. Thanks for sharing and have a good week

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  8. I’ve never heard the term “faffing about” before. I also picked up a new expression this week from Jane in Mildly Extreme, so I now can say, “quit faffing about and rattle your dags,” and no one around here will have the slightest idea what I’m talking about.


    1. Faffing about is one of my favourite expressions. I’ve not heard ‘rattle your dags’ before now – what does it mean? I like the sound of it.


      1. It’s an Australian expression for “hurry up.” I learned from Jane’s blog that dags are the dried lumps of dung that hang from a sheep’s woolly rear, which swing (and rattle) when they run. Here’s a link to her blog; “rattle your dags” is in her latest post:


  9. I agree, it is so lovely to see individual flowers appearing, each one deserving a round of applause or at the least a silly grin from me! The light in your photos is magical Sam. One advantage of living by the sea I suppose. 🙂

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  10. Now why did the milk bottles at school never look like that? A lovely collection of spring flowers Sam. Cerinthe usually germinates without problems soaked or not and may surprise you as the seeds often produce not one but two plants.

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  11. Lovely floral photographs as always. We do the same with christmas video footage, it is quite incredible how quickly children grow up. It astonishes them as much as us when they see the videos! X

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