In a Vase on Monday: Grey day Flowers

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I’m not usually drawn to pastel-coloured flowers and I’m not a huge fan of yellow ones but I discovered these yellow tulips in the bluebell patch at the bottom of the garden, and big clumps of primroses down there are still flowering their socks off. The blue/violet and yellow seemed a little lacking on their own, so I added a couple of sprigs of a pink scented pelargonium that have been flowering for a couple of weeks now in another vase.

There’s a heavy blanket of cloud sitting over East Kent today (it feels like it could start bucketing down at any moment) and low light levels, so even in my usually bright kitchen photographing the vase was tricky and I hope I’ve captured the delicate colours.

As usual, I’m joining in with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden (who has sweet peas today!) where you’ll find links to loads of lovely vases from around the world.

Have a good week.



29 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Grey day Flowers

  1. I know what you mean about yellow, but in recent years I am being a little more accommodating about it in the garden – it’s taken time though! And I know now that yellow and blue, like your vase, makes a nice combination 🙂 Similar weather here too – and likely to be the same all week, including wedding day…


      1. Thnaks Sam – the forecast is now a bit more settled until early afternoon on Saturday (wedding is at 12). It is not a long dress so she won’t risk dangling it in puddles!


  2. I know what you mean about yellow too. I either like it pale and primrosy or acid and euphorbic! May have made a new word there – hope you know what I mean! How lovely to have a bluebell patch. Your photos are never grey and gloomy and your vase is just right for today with its delicate scent of Spring.


  3. Yellow is one of my favourite colours and I really love your tulips. They have a nice green base, too. I like dark tulips most of all but not by much. I have lovely pink ones but I can’t bring myself to cut them. I remember the scent of my granny’ s red pelargonium, it is quite special. I wonder if your pink ones are scented, too. Have a good week. x


  4. The peach-tinted tulips look so pretty with all the tubular purple flowers, I especially like the view from the top, Sam. I have a lot of the purple flowers springing up in my yard, they last a long time in a vase. The pelargonium has such pretty patterns on its petals.

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  5. Your photos are lovely Sam, and catch the mood…. it is very cold and showery here too but we keep getting bursts of sunshine in between showers which is nice! Love the combination of yellow with the bluebells. 🙂


  6. I knew from the title that I was going to love this arrangement, and sure enough it is my favorite so far. I’ve only just stumbled onto your blog, but this is such a simple yet lovely idea.


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