Five on Friday

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Joining in again with Amy’s Five on Friday, I offer you five random observations from this week:

One  As well as blue skies and delicious, warm sunshine, grey overcast skies and heavy rain, we had a day of sea mist that shrouded the sea and clifftops with billowing, hazy clouds. I had the unsettling experience of standing in the garden in the sunshine with the mist occasionally rolling through, sending the temperature plummeting. It looks like smoke and it’s quite eerie when it happens. Sometimes, in the summer, it can be hot and sunny when a mist will suddenly cloud the horizon and roll in off the sea. I know it as a ‘sea fret’ but it’s also known as a ‘haar’: a cold, sea fog caused by warm air condensing over the cold sea. It’s upset many a beach picnic.

Two  The hedgerows are positively exploding with all this sunshine and spring rain. There’s fresh cow parsley, golden-green Alexanders, white nettle flowers… Walking the dog takes longer when it’s so gorgeous as I have to stop and admire what’s going on. Cassie doesn’t seem to mind.

Three  My eldest has spent the past two days in exam conditions in the school art room producing his final piece for his Art GCSE. From what I’ve seen of photos on his phone, it’s been worth the effort and absolute mess in his bedroom. He’s gone in today for the final school day of year 11. From Monday he’ll be on ‘study leave’ and only go in to school for his exams. It’s also the final day for year 13 before their A’levels and many high-jinks are planned. He customised his school shirt in great detail last night which was hilarious. As I took a photo of him before he left this morning, he fixed me with a hard stare – ‘What are you going to do with that, Mum? Do not put it anywhere…!!’, so respecting his wishes I can’t show you. Suffice to say it’ll raise a few eyebrows among the teachers.

Four  There was a fascinating programme on Radio 4 this week about E F Schumacher – Is Small the Next Big? – and his revolutionary ideas about economics. I’d not heard of him before and was blown away by how contemporary his ideas, which date from the 1970s, sound and how much his holistic philosophy makes sense. His premise, that people matter and that everyone can affect change, is one that I wholeheartedly agree with and I’ve ordered his book ‘Small is Beautiful’ to find out more.

Five  I’ve spent as much time as possible in the garden – it’s so hard to stay indoors when the sun is shining and you can practically hear the plants growing. I’ve tended my seedlings, planted borage, nasturtiums and Californian poppies, weeded, and dead-headed the tulips, which are now all over apart from a few sultry, dark ‘Queen of the Night’ and ‘Ballerinas’. I’ve been admiring tulips on other blogs and Instagram and have  clocked so many that I’d love to have here. Hopefully, all my photos will help me to work out where the gaps are for planting more bulbs come the autumn.

Have a super-duper weekend. I have a friend’s birthday party tonight, the village Gardeners’ Association coffee morning tomorrow and the rest of the weekend at leisure 🙂


25 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. we definitely had sea fret or haar here last weekend, while the south had temperatures in the mid 20’s we had a miserable 8C………
    hope the last day has been fun, my daughter goes on year 12 study leave today. which means exams are scarily close….


  2. The weather by the coast has certainly been a bit bizarre this week. We were caught in a torrential downpour at Lepe Beach yesterday whilst a few miles down the road it was completely dry and sunny. xx

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  3. Hope the study leave goes well, it’s such a mementous time in their lives. More beautiful photos particularly the first two. I love the mist, so atmospheric. Have a good weekend, whatever the weather. B X

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  4. It sounds like a lovely week – a mix of weather, lots of gardening, and an interesting show on the radio. You are fortunate to be able to grow tulips. If I put any in the deer here would eat them as soon as they bloomed. They love tulips!


  5. Beautiful photography! I too am interested in the ‘small’ movement. Some days I’d like to chuck it all in for a small square footage and much less chaos. Looks like an interesting read.


  6. I like the sound of your week. I have never experienced sea fret but I have read about it in a crime novel, it was very spooky. Sam is now well accustomed to study leave…. I hope there is some studying, in between sleeping and walking the dog and cooking lunch! Three exams done, four to go. I am intrigued by your sons art installation, maybe he wants to share it? Hope you enjoyed the party! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. x

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  7. Beautiful pictures! It’s not just there that the weather has been funky. I’ve got my windows open today yet tomorrow it’s supposed to be back down to freezing overnight and cold and rainy tomorrow. I suppose that is part of Spring. Hope your son does well. Enjoy your weekend.

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  8. Good luck to your son with his exams, I hope that everything goes really well for him!! I know what you mean about hearing the garden growing, our hostas are a bit like that, I am sure if I stood and watched them I would see the leaves unfurling! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, I hope you are having a good weekend. Sorry to be late visiting, I have been otherwise occupied as I said in my post. xx

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