In a Vase on Monday: Daisylicious

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I picked the flowers for today’s vase yesterday evening. Still daylight and warm (well, warm enough not to wear a coat) at 8.30pm, it felt as though June had finally properly arrived. After a week of grey, the sun has come out, the wind has dropped, the temperature has risen and all the gloom has been swept away. Bliss. Cue much work on the terraces in the front garden. We dug and picked through masses of soil this weekend and I never want to see another piece of bindweed, Japanese anemone or bramble root again (we filled a 1-tonne builder’s sack…). My gluteus maximi are definitely feeling it today!

Anyway, back to the flowers. After all the rain last week the garden is going bonkers and there are rich pickings. Blue nigella, orange poppies, purple alliums – all beautiful but I decided to stick to a white/pink colour palette for my vase and showcase the daisies. For your delectation today, we have:

:: a few oxeye daisies from our wild patch – they’re getting into their stride now the sun has come out and are looking bea-u-ti-ful. It’s like insect-central down there and I spotted a few butterflies yesterday: orange tip, large white and a painted lady. These graceful flowers seem to be everywhere in the countryside at the moment; swathes in the verges and hedgerows, and along the central reservations and they cheer me enormously
:: my favourite Erigeron karvinskianus because it’s so prolific and lovely, and white and pink
:: three stems of a zingy pink osteospermum (Cape Daisy) that spills over the wall alongside the path to the gate
:: some pretty Geranium macrorrhizum ‘Alba’ with its hints of pink
:: an unknown variety of Geranium pratense which has suddenly sent up lots of lovely soft pink flowers
:: a few grass stems from the wild patch that have a soft pink hue
:: a few tendrils of wayward honeysuckle (unknown variety) growing by the front steps for added greenery.

Hope the sun is shining where you are. Have a lovely week.

Joining in, as usual, with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden and all the other bloggers from around the world for her popular weekly gathering of vases.


22 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Daisylicious

  1. Gorgeous. And very similar to a posy I picked here last week :-). Glad it’s warmed up at long last. You’ve beaten me to a painted lady xx


  2. I’m glad to hear that the weather has improved lately. Your bouquet is beautiful this week. I love the vase too. You’re very good at this, putting together interesting flowers and greenery. They always look good.


  3. I love the shape of the vase you’ve used today, lovely display of daisy flowers, I love them too, they’re the flowers a child would draw aren’t they, such fun. Glad your weather has improved; it’s much hotter here today but still threatening thunderstorms.

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  4. Good grief Sam – a tonne bag full of weeds! I am surprised you could even crawl out of bed today 🙂 Your daisy collection is beautiful and the greenery complements it perfectly, as does the curved vase – all lovely. Thanks for sharing. Too hot to do anything in the garden here today… 😦


    1. I’m indoors working this week so I’m trying to ignore the garden and the weather (although it is raining and thundery right now!).


      1. And I have had a stack of wet weather creative jobs which had been put on hold but have been cracking on with them this week as it has been too hot to be outside!


  5. I love the shapes you’ve made here with your lovely daisies and grasses. I also cut some pink feathery grasses today but must have dropped them because they didn’t make it home. Good job on all that weeding. It is definitely easier to tackle tasks like that when the sun is shining and muscles are warm. Hope you have a relaxing week Sam with lots of walks in the sunshine.


  6. This is a lovely mixture of ‘daisies’. I am new to erigeron this year, but after regularly seeing it ‘soften’ steps in magazine articles I’ve planted some in a trough. I saw my first painted lady today. It was a little tatty, but still beautiful.


  7. I love daisies too Sam, especially oxeye or moon daisies. The pink ones are sweet too. So fresh and -dare I say it – summery! Hope your week is sunny too. 🙂


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