From where I live, you can see France, there in the distance, across the Channel. I love that we live so close to mainland Europe; on a clear day we can see the white cliffs over there…

I had planned to write a chatty catch-up post in the positive spirit of my blog but my mojo has disappeared. I hope you’ll forgive me for instead voicing my dismay at the result of the EU referendum. Leaving the EU is not what I voted for. Ok, so it’s a flawed, overblown bureaucracy, but I’d much rather we were part of it, working together as a team, than turning our backs on it. Surely, going it alone can’t be right? We don’t yet know what it will mean in terms practical everyday life but already the pound has plummeted, the Prime Minister has resigned and the right-wing xenophobes are rubbing their hands with glee. I fear for my country and my children’s future.

PS Have a good weekend x


24 thoughts on “Discombobulated

  1. I agree with you Sam, it is appalling that the future of our children should be put at risk like this. And who is the first to congratulate Brexit? Marine Le Pen.


  2. I’m devastated. Spent the whole day in a daze. You’ve summed it up very well. I fear greatly for the environment amongst other things. Without the protection of Europe the future looks very bleak for it. A dark day. CJ xx


  3. Sam, I am in shock. Everybody here is Scotland is. I have Swiss and Italian dual citizenship and I have adopted the UK as my home and feel like someone has punched me in the face. I do worry about the destabilising effects this referendum surely must have on Europe. Thanks for your words. I have been unable to to summon my usually positive spirits and my Friday post will remain a draft. Lets embrace life together and take pleasure in the small things that surround us. x


  4. I live in Scotland and am glad that I do………..for the moment. The sainted Nicola will put a referendum to us sooner then she’d like, I voted to stay part of the UK last time but not sure for the next time and my heart breaks thinking about dissolving the union. I keep thinking that America will come to it’s senses and not actually elect Mr Trump, but he’s got so far and the everything is weird at the moment……………


  5. So very scary, such uncharted and unknowable territory, such betrayal of our children and our futures. But also such lies and a sense of abandonment that seem to have led to all of this. What will happen when those who voted for it realise they have,meet again, been lied to?
    A time for consolation commiseration and compassion.
    All good wishes, Deborah


  6. Hello Sam. I have just said to Anne that while I don’t pretend to understand every detail of this referendum we do seem to live in crazy times. I hope those ocean views are making things feel a bit better. Jane x


  7. I guess you can imagine that I am shocked – there are many ex-pats here who are shaken and fearful, speaking of having to move back to Britain. I agree so much – the first thoughts were that young people’s future of adventure, learning and being part of a large community had been stolen.


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