A Postcard from America


Hello! Hope you’re well. We are on holiday in the USA; if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know this already😊. The photo is of Yosemite Valley, California which has been added to my Favourite Places Of All Time list. I saw monarch butterflies here – in Cook’s Meadow – which was so thrilling. The rest of my family walked off and left me as I tried (unsuccessfully) to get a good photo of one with its wings open! I am the archetypal Embarrassing Mother.

We’ve been overwhelmed by all the new experiences and wonderful sights we’ve seen. It’ll take a while for it all to sink in.. Of course, there have been the usual irritations, usually in the car during long drives – same bickering, different scenery!  Six more days to go, though, and we’ll be back home, so we are trying to enjoy every second. I’ll tell you more next time (a few highlights only, don’t worry!). In the meantime, have a good week.

Sam x

16 thoughts on “A Postcard from America

  1. I’ve been following your usa road trip via ig. How fantastic to have the opportunity. I would really love to pick your brains about it all; it’s something Marc and I would love to do with the boys. Enjoy the rest of your adventure!
    (I saw Monarchs in Central Park last year. I understand your joy. And I couldn’t get a decent shot, so look forward to yours!).
    Leanne xx


  2. I’ve really enjoyed following your journey on IG and I look forward to reading more about it. I visited Yosemite about 20 years ago with my family and loved it, and your photo captures the extreme scale and beauty of it so well. Enjoy the next few days and safe travels home. x


  3. Carry on being an embarrassing Mother, they will become embarrassing parents in the future. Enjoy your holiday.
    Quote my daughter ‘liked’ on Facebook: “My daughter is becoming more like me, worryingly I am becoming more like my Mother”


  4. Gorgeous photo – I don’t follow instagram so now I feel I am missing out. But I have one question: did you get to have some real bagels while in NYC? Or a corned beef sandwich at Katz’s deli?


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