Georgia, and a surprise in the laundry


I whizzed up to London on Tuesday to see the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition at Tate Modern (which is on until 30th October). I was familiar with some of her paintings – the big flowers and skulls – but I didn’t know that she also painted cityscapes when she lived in New York and some amazing landscapes when she lived in New Mexico. Anyway, the exhibition was fab, and it was wonderful to have some time in London (taking the bus over Blackfriars Bridge, watching the world go by) but the best thing about the day was that I met up with fellow blogger, Jenny from Duver Diary. It was the first time I’d met a blogging friend in Real Life and I confess to being slightly apprehensive beforehand (I realised on the train that I had no idea what she even looked like!). But I needn’t have worried; she’s lovely and we got on like a house on fire and didn’t run out of things to talk about. Blogging, hey? So many benefits.

Back to domestic life – picture the following scene, if you will – there I was last night, calmly folding laundry that I’d brought in from the washing line in the late afternoon, chatting to my eldest, when he stopped mid-sentence. “Mum, those pants are buzzing…” They were indeed. A soft buzzing. I gave them a slight shake thinking a bee might have settled inside for a nap and been rudely awakened. Nothing came out. The buzzing got louder. I shook them more vigorously. The buzzing sounded distinctly cross. I put the pants (my husband’s underpants, if you’re wondering) on the kitchen table and carefully looked inside. Nope, I couldn’t see the source of the buzzing so I opened them out. A pair of antennae appeared. “Mum, that’s not a bee.” No indeedy, it was most definitely not a bee… It was an enormous hornet – a very cross hornet. “Quick, put something over it NOW!” I grabbed a glass and managed to capture the angry insect, trapping one of its legs in the process. It was REALLY angry now. I manoeuvred the glass and carefully slid a card underneath, carried it outside and laid it gently on the patio table. Then I grabbed the glass, scarpered indoors and shut the door quickly. Needless to say we didn’t stop to take a photograph(!) but this is what a hornet looks like:

hornet-md And it was about this size. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration 🙂 (Only ‘slight’, mind you.) So, let that be a cautionary tale. Check your pants for dozing hornets….



16 thoughts on “Georgia, and a surprise in the laundry

  1. My mother-in-law encourages hornets in her garden though even she might draw the line at underpants. A bit startling for you.
    Meeting a fellow blogger must be a bit like meeting a penpal for the first time. Glad it went well.


  2. Glad you didn’ t get stung. I got stung a couple of years ago. Wow! It packs a punch like a donkey. Agony! We had a nest and this beastly thing chased me down the garden and got me on the neck.
    What a treat to meet a fellow blogger. I have met 3 now and they all immediately felt like old friends


  3. Thank goodness you ‘spotted’ it! We have them in the garden from time to time, they always seem to be in a bad mood. I agree with you and Liz about meeting bloggers, it’s a very positive experience.


  4. Oh yes, it’s SO good to be able to meet fellow bloggers in person although I too will admit to feeling slightly nervous each time – but as I am now up to ELEVEN I am becoming an old hand at it! Hopefully I will meet you and Jenny in due course too 🙂 Glad you had a good day out and survived unscathed the underwear incident when you got home 😉


  5. Crikey – you were lucky. For a while my daughters had a huge spider in their bathroom that they called Bruce, but last week the youngest said she thought Bruce had died because he hadn’t moved for ages, then yesterday when Number One put on her dressing gown she found Bruce climbing up the sleeve – we’re wondering about renaming him Lazarus..


  6. I have met one bloggy friend, and one Instagram friend in ‘real life’ and had a wonderful time with both! Yikes to the hornet pants. I lifeted a pile of laundry off the kitchen floor to shove into the washing machine the other evening and a very large spider dropped out and crawled over my foot. Cue loud screams and dirty washing flying all over the kitchen. X


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