Views from Brantwood

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Brantwood, on the shores of Coniston Water, is a magical place. John Ruskin (nineteenth-century writer, poet, artist, philanthropist, radical, altruist and deep-thinker way ahead of his time) moved here after a series of breakdowns to recover and live a quiet life. I like to think he found solace in these surroundings. I certainly would.

We’ve been so lucky with the weather this week – in past years when we’ve visited the Lake District it has rained and rained. The autumn colours are glorious and it’s lovely to be able to go about without full waterproof gear on. As well as visiting Brantwood, we’ve done two seven-ish-hour walks from the cottage we’re staying in – one up the valley to the top of Helvellyn via Striding Edge (challenging and a bit scary at times) and the other along the valley and up Dollywaggon Pike via The Tongue (which sounds ‘interesting’; it was) and back via Grisedale Tarn. Both of these walks/climbs are the hardest we’ve done with the children and the dog. There’s been a fair amount of grumbling (‘Who said this would be fun?!’) and incredulity at the proposed routes up (‘But that’s really steep! There’s no actual path!’) but we all did it and, boy, did it feel good when we reached the summits and the long, hot soaks in the bath afterwards were bliss. We’re having a rest day today because everyone is a bit tired, especially the poor dog. She’s curled up tightly in her bed and giving us a look that says ‘Don’t even think about it!’ We’ll have a gentle stroll, a late lunch out, then watch the Great British Bake Off final on the tv tonight.

I hope you’re having a very fine week and enjoying some lovely autumn sunshine where you are.

Striding Edge

28 thoughts on “Views from Brantwood

    1. Thanks for the tip, Ann. We did look into it but unfortunately dogs are not allowed so we can’t visit this time. Hopefully we’ll manage it another time.


    1. We had some rain today, Olympia, but overall it has been a fantastic week. It’s so beautiful here – I highly recommend the Lake District if you’ve never been.


  1. It looks beautifully bright and autumnal. A little bit of scariness on an uphill work makes the view from the summit even better don’t you find? So long as it isn’t too scary.


  2. Sounds like a wonderful break away. I know that feeling of ‘Is that really a path?’ When confronted by a very steep, uphill or down hill. Looking back the memories are always better and I agree the long soak in the bath after is a perfect reward. Hope your crew aren’t too mutinous for the rest of your stay, it looks a perfect place. B x


    1. The children were very mutinous today, Barbara. It was extremely windy and we were walking in the clouds for quite a time – there was a lot of moaning! We’ve been staying in Patterdale, which is beautiful.


  3. That’s some impressive walking! Love the Lake District. It always rains when we go (I guess the water for the many lakes has to come from somewhere!). Enjoy the rest of the week. x


    1. We’ve been here many times, Christina, and this has been the best week for weather we’ve had. Today was more typically Lakes weather, but we still got out. Home tomorrow 😦 x


  4. I would echo Anne’s suggestion about visiting Holehird if you have a chance. Himself reported back from our caravan near Newby Bridge that it did indeed pour down last night but that it has been a glorious day today. Enjoy the rest of your holiday Sam!


    1. She’s very pleased to be home – she’s actually quite a lazy dog! One decent walk in the morning and a play in the garden later in the day keep her perfectly happy. She kept up well on our walks but had to be on the lead all the time (sheep).

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  5. What glorious pictures Sam – the Golfer and I haven’t yet holidayed together in the Lake District but have passed through it so many times on the way up to my Mum’s… so many places, so little time…


  6. Fantastic photos. We’ve been doing the same walks! Perhaps we passed each other on a summit. I’ve blogged about Helvellyn via Dollywagon Pike and Grisedale Tarn – a lot of folklore/history surrounds those places. If you’re interested here’s a link:

    My later post, King of the Copper Mountains mentions Ruskin and Brantwood too, though its main focus is Dow Crag on the far shore. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff and seeing more of your stunning photos.


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