Five on Friday: Hello February

Violets under the front step.
We had a wood delivery on Monday…
Tulips! They’re coming 🙂
Snowdrops are starting to unfurl. They’ll be peaking in a couple of weeks.
This is a very fine and hardy borage plant, sitting bolt upright in our veg patch. Frost? Pah.

 There’s a definite whisper of spring in the air, a tiny hint, a minuscule glimmer – it’s warmer than it has been; warm enough to go outside to take some photos without wearing a big winter coat, hat, scarf, mittens… There are bulb shoots and buds galore and the birds are starting to get busy. February 1st was St Brigid’s Day, or Imbolc, and marks the start of the pagan festival of spring. I only know this because I read it on Sultanabun’s blog last year and looked it up. Her blog regularly makes me laugh out loud and I learn stuff, properly interesting stuff.

Two  February is punctuated by half term – a week off from the regular routine. There’s one more week of school and then the children will be at home all day ‘resting’. It doesn’t seem five minutes since they went back to school after the Christmas holidays. My middle son has made it through this week of school (early nights, no sports) and is hopefully fully on the mend but it’ll be good for him to have more time to recharge soon.

Three  I went out last night for pizza, prosecco and pudding with friends. The friend who hosted the evening is an extremely Good Cook and produced a succession of delicious handmade pizzas while we all guzzled prosecco spiked with raspberry liqueur, chatted and laughed. The whole evening was a tonic and just what I needed.

Four  ‘You’ve got to pick a pocket or two…’ – we’ve been treated to renditions from ‘Oliver’ for weeks and weeks now. They are such ear-worms catchy tunes. My daughter is an orphan and an urchin in her school’s production. There have been two performances so far, we’re all going to see it this evening, and there’s a matinee and evening performance tomorrow. She’s loving every minute of it but I suspect she’ll be much quieter come Sunday.

Five  I took a few photos of stuff lined up on the kitchen windowsill because I thought it would make a good photo. It wasn’t until I uploaded the pictures that I noticed how filthy the windows are and I’m too embarrassed to show you! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has to clear clutter or wipe a surface before taking photos or artfully crop them afterwards. There’s an admirable Instagram hashtag called ‘reallifehome’ as an antidote to all the perfectly styled pics. I’m generally all for it but my mum reads my blog 🙂

I’m delighted to be joining in with Amy for her Five on Friday.

Have a lovely weekend x


20 thoughts on “Five on Friday: Hello February

  1. Good looking wood pile. Today has really felt as though spring might not be too far away.
    I’ve lost count of the photos I’ve taken and then looking at them realise the unholy mess in view. Thank goodness for digital photos and the ability to crop and edit.


  2. Glad your son is back at school, hope he’s doing okay. And well done to your daughter on the musical, I bet it’s brilliant. I always call my children “urchins”, such an excellent word. Your friend sounds like a very excellent friend to have, homemade pizza, wonderful. My dining room window is filthy, it has ball prints all over the outside where footballs, tennis balls and basketballs whack into it. One day it will no doubt be smashed and then I’ll get a new clean one. CJ xx


  3. It was a delight to read your five. Oh dear, I just looked at my windows…yuck. You have me singing Oliver songs now. Hope your kids stay healthy and the production goes well. Have a lovely weekend.


  4. So funny I had exactly the same thought process this afternoon about taking photos on the kitchen window 😊 Lovely to seeing some signs of spring in your garden xx


  5. Wonderful photos and it is so good to see bulbs poking through the soil and snowdrops unfurling. Had to laugh about the windows, I had thought a photo of a pot of daffodils against the kitchen blinds would look good until I realised they were covered in splashes from the sink! Good to know others have those moments too.


  6. Amazing to already have violets out and also the borage lasting through so far. Are your marigolds still going too? The evening with friends sounds fun , hope the play continues to go well. Sarah x


  7. Clean windows are overrated. My living room windows covered with dog nose prints, I call it charming. I like the sound of your girls night, well deserved me thinks. Glad your boy is recovering. x

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  8. I like photos of woodpiles. I took lots of ours when we had a wood burning fireplace. Now it’s gas and much more convenient, but less attractive. Sounds like you had a great time with your friends on girls’ night. Have a good weekend.


  9. Enjoyed your Five. Can remember being in school plays and how much fun we had. Glad to hear your son is on the mend. Hope it turns warmer and that you don’t have to use all the wood.


  10. ‘Oliver! Oliver, never before has a boy wanted more!’ Now you have me humming the tunes, I forget being on the other side of the world sweltering and trying to muster the energy to water the scorched plants that Spring is on it’s way – may your tulips grow up to be strong and beautiful like it sounds like your kids are 🙂
    Happy Sunday
    Wren x


  11. Don’t worry about the windows, I am pretty sure that all windows are grubby at this time of year the weather is so nasty. A lovely group of five and too much to comment on individually, but I wanted to say that I hope that all has gone really well for you daughter in the play! Hope she enjoyed it a great deal!!


  12. There are more important things than clean windows, Sam, and more interesting things to do than cleaning them 😉 These signs of spring, however miniscule, are so exciting, aren’t they?


  13. Your wood stack is lovely Sam. Borage does well in my garden too…although I imagine our growing conditions are very different. Pizza, prosecco, pudding and friends sounds so good! Thanks for the link to Sultanabun…what funny words. Jane x


  14. As you so often do, Sam, you have put a great big smile on my face! Thank you for the kind mention.
    The rain is bouncing off the ground here and mud is rebounding on to the windows so there doesn’t seem much point in cleaning them. Any excuse will do.
    My borage has gone underground but I have faith that it will re-appear. It’s such a reliable; I am quite fond of it!
    As for Oliver, my primary school had a production when I was 11. My class was responsible for ‘Consider Yourself’ so I know that one backwards. Great songs. I’ll be humming along with you all day. 🙂


  15. Good grief – borage in February???!? What is the world coming to? Love your photos though, and I’m always a sucker for a good wood pile.
    Heard ‘Great Lives’ podcast (R4 of course) recently about Lionel Bart – an extraordinary life if ever there was one.


  16. I was in Oliver! too. I had to sing ‘Food, Glorious Food’ and still know all the words – almost 50 years later! Disappointed with your windows Sam but I won’t be showing mine either. Dave


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