Waiting for snow


You remember I said there was a tiny hint of spring in the air? Well, not any more. There’s a raw east wind and snow is forecast. The Met Office website showed heavy snow showers starting at 4pm and carrying on overnight until early tomorrow morning but I have only spotted a few flakes floating down so far. The sky is heavy with it, though, and I would so love it to dump a whole load on this little patch of land. The children are giddy with the thought of a whole week off school (in as much as teenagers are ever ‘giddy’; that’s more my exaggerated interpretation) – waking up to a fresh blanket of snow in the morning would be the icing on the cake, the snow on the clifftops, the best start to a week off in February.

Drifts of snowdrops are appearing throughout the garden although they are not in bloom yet. The clumps spread every year and I’m impressed by how easygoing these gorgeous flowers are. I’m forever accidentally digging up a load of their mini bulbs in the summer or autumn, so I shove them back in again and it seems to do them no harm whatsoever. I picked a few little stems with tight buds earlier this morning to bring indoors and within 30 minutes in the warm kitchen they had opened their petals to reveal the beautiful markings. These are common-or-garden Galanthus nivalis and they have a deliciously delicate scent. I also snipped the first Muscari which was blooming all alone in a sheltered spot by the back garden wall. These little bulbs also love the conditions in our garden and have spread everywhere, between paving slabs and cracks in walls, in every nook and cranny. There will be lovely patches of blue dotted all over the place in a month or so.

Although I’m excited at the prospect of snow, I am more excited at the prospect of getting back out into the garden, to get going with the sowing and planting. In the meantime, I’m flicking through my gardening books and catalogues and dreaming of colourful borders full of flowers. We have plans to renovate the greenhouse this year. It’s on its last legs; there’s a hole in the roof and the door jams. We’re opening our garden again in June for the charity garden safari that happens in our village every two years, so that will give us a boot up the backside to get things done!

I have no specific plans for the weekend ahead other than to walk the dog then sit by the fire, drink pots of tea and read. Meals are planned, the fridge is stocked, there’s a large pile of logs and all is well in our household. I hope it is where you are, too. (I’ve just looked outside and there’s no snow. Yet.)

Have a good weekend x

14 thoughts on “Waiting for snow

  1. I share your sense of anticipation and excitement, Sam. We’ve had whitely laden skies, plus a few very half hearted flurries here in the last couple of days which have coincided with us getting back to work on the garden. So far, it’s just made the fireside cups of tea and slabs of ginger cake seem all the more welcoming!


  2. A few flakes fell here earlier but sadly we rarely get enough to stop play. Love your snowdrops. I have planted them here but they never come up :o( have a happy half term. We’ve another week to wait xx


  3. Lovely, it sounds as though you are all set for a perfect weekend. No snow on the horizon here, it hasn’t snowed for years, since I bought a couple of sleds. They are still in the garage, I refuse to give up hope. I do love your snowdrops, it makes me think I should pop a few in. Hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx


  4. We’re on the other side of snow, the heavy rains almost finished washing away the fairly copious snowfalls of the week. . . I’m hoping we’re done, quite honestly, but I can understand how you might be eager for it, and I hope you get a significant dusting (especially since that might use up quota…)


  5. I wonder if you got your snow, Sam? We were only forecast a dusting and that’s all it was, just the occasional and tiniest of particles in the air. As I was busy inside, stripping wallpaper, I would have been happy to look out and see a blanket of ths stuff 😉 Have a good week


  6. We’ve woken for the last to days to a light dusting of snow, but disappointingly that has been it. Yesterday we went looking for snowdrops in an Open Garden north of Cambridge, but while there were tons up and out the cold damp weather kept them shut tight.


  7. We are an ocean away from you, but also hunkered down waiting for snow. We have had almost a foot of snow here in Maine over the past few days. On top of that, the forecast calls for a blizzard to start this afternoon–up to two feet of snow and high winds. We are stocked up with candles, firewood, water jugs, good books, good food and wine. And I will be planting my onion seedlings indoors today. My first gardening of the year!


  8. Oh I wonder if the snow materialised Sarah. Just a few flakes here now and then over the last few days. Definitely weather for nourishing food, warm drinks and good reading material. Hope that you have had a relaxing and cosy weekend.


  9. We were in Kent for the weekend and awoke to a pretty dusting of snow. Today is a glorious sunny day and it really does feel as though it will soon be time to enjoy working in the garden.


  10. Your photograph of snowdrops with the background of their container – it made me love them the more! Mine are nearly spent now, but I might go out to see if there are just a couple of newish ones I could bring inside to look at more closely, a little longer…

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