In a Vase on Monday: heralds

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I generally don’t like yellow flowers apart from at this time of year. Narcissi in all shades of yellow (from deepest dark golden, through butter-coloured to the palest cream or white) and delicate primroses that are, well, primrose, and the fresh egg-yolk crocuses that pop up at the base of our old apple tree. Little vases of them bring a welcome touch of sunshine indoors, adding warmth on even the gloomiest of days.

It’s pretty grim weather outside today. I dashed out between downpours and snipped a few snowdrops, primroses and crocuses, and one of the first narcissi to flower in our garden – the dinky tete-a-tete. The hellebores are left over from my Monday vase from 30th January, four weeks ago. That’s pretty good going, I’d say.

All these flowers are heralds of spring in our garden. They are the early signals – it will be fully here soon. The large jug of daffodils was a supermarket buy. It would be daft not to add a bunch to the shopping basket when they’re only £1.

It’s March on Wednesday and so two weeks until my daughter’s 13th birthday. I remember sitting with her in my arms while watching the boys play in our old garden which was full of daffodils. It’s a joyful time of year and we’ve a party to plan.

I’m joining in with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden and all her In a Vase on Monday-ers. Do pop over to her blog and have a look.

Wishing you a good week.



71 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: heralds

  1. And yours is just as much a harbinger of spring as mine, Sam! Your droopy hellebores have lasted well if they are from a four week old vase! I think I am with you on yellows, but I can’t help but admire that perfect egg yolk yellow crocus which is so perfect and unblemished. Thanks for sharing

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  2. I feel exactly the same about yellow flowers although I have planted a ‘hot’ bed and I am trying to embrace the warmer colours. Your little collection of Spring blooms is perfect, simple and elegant as seems to be your style, Sam!

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  3. The yellows are so pretty and cheerful. I’m waiting for the supermarket daffodils to get a little cheaper before I buy any – they were $4 for 5 stems on Saturday! – but I did get a very cheap bunch of 18 tulips for $10 yesterday. The daffodils are just so happy, though. Hopefully soon. I hope you have a good week ahead, Sam.


  4. It’s a charming vase. I’m sorry you’re dealing with such nasty weather – our unusually cold temperatures seem trivial by comparison. So you’re about to have a newly minted teenager! Best wishes!

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  5. Such pretty flowers. Like you I’m not a huge fan of yellow, but I was just saying to Flighty the other day how much I love the colour of his crocuses. Egg yolk yellow, you are absolutely right. It’s so intense, it always draws my eye. And what a pretty lacy vase as well, just right for those first few delicate flowers. I must say you have rather a good touch with it all, the photos are lovely as ever. CJ xx

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  6. Here yellow starts and ends our flowering season with bulbs in the spring and fields of goldenrod in the fall. I love the yellows. Hope you get some sun to go with those cheery flowers.

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  7. Perfect for the season. I love that golden crocus at the centre. Well, I love all of it actually! The hellebores did well – picking them early is obviously not such a bad idea. Hooe your weather inproves this week Sam – I think your latest storm is heading our way too, with sleet and rain today.

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  8. I love yellow flowers at this time of year too. I have a big jug of daddodils on the kitchen table beside me, also some tete a tete planted up in a big bowl, they are starting to open very prettily. X


  9. I loved your pictures–the last one especially. Can I borrow that one for a screen saver until our northern flowers come out of hiding?

    Also, my son just celebrated his 13th and let me tell you, the nostalgia bell is ringing like a giant hammer is beating against my heart. “Thump thump. My baby is all grown up!”

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  10. Beautiful….These yellow flowers prized for their serene beauty….In our country India, the yellow flower is legendary and much folklore and religious mythology is woven around it….Excellent Post friend, if you are interested visit my blog # # Wishing you all the best…

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  11. That’s a beautiful arrangement! If it wasn’t for my cat who loves to eat flowers I would budget for flower arrangements to fill my home…but for now blogs about pretty flowers will do -haha!

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  12. I really love having flowers in the house and I really enjoy yellow flowers at this time of year, it reminds me spring is on its way and fills me with happiness.
    Hope all goes well with your daughter’s birthday party.

    Ps. My favourite flower is the tulip.

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  13. On the contrary I do like yellow flowers 🙂 These are some beautiful flowers. I have been trying to cultivate a small terrace garden and my efforts finally bloomed in the form of golden orange marigolds and pink and white zinnia blossoms. Waiting for the few cosmos buds to bloom.

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      1. I am anxiously waiting for the buds to bloom. A couple of days more. I must write an article on my little terrace garden and post the pictures 🙂

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