In a Vase on Monday: spring blues and primroses

Spring was tantalisingly evident here this morning – soft warm sunlight, glorious bird song, that smell of lush, green growth – and it took every ounce of willpower to stay indoors at my desk. It is not healthy to sit still for too long, though, so I took a stroll around the garden to pick a few spring beauties for a Monday vase. (Then of course I had to faff about with them for a while and take a few photographs… But, hey, I cracked on and finished my work before writing this!)

In the blue/purple vase, we have Pulmonaria officinalis, Anemone blanda (which I can’t get enough of; they’re SO LOVELY), Muscari and a couple of teensy weensy violets from my garden, and in the pink vase we have an abundance of primroses from my parents’ garden. They are currently away on holiday and I’ve been popping round to keep an eye on the house. They have masses of beautiful primroses in their front garden at this time of year, so many that I’m sure they won’t miss a few. I love the dusky, buff-pink ones and luckily there are loads of those. These crocuses are also out and looking particularly perky. I don’t know what variety they are but I like them.

David has been working hard in the garden, grubbing out old, overgrown bay trees that were in completely the wrong place, plus masses of brambles, and I’ve been weeding and cutting back stuff, so we had a big bonfire on Saturday afternoon to get rid of all the un-compostable material. (It took three rounds of shampoo to get the smell out of our hair.) It really feels as though we’re making good headway in the lower front garden now. Yesterday we planted up long section of wildlife-friendly hedging to fill a big gap on the boundary with one of our neighbours and made plans for planting more trees in the right places. We must get on and order a load of bare root Betula utilis var. jacquemontii (the Himalayan birch with very white bark) and plant them up within the next couple of weeks, plus a few apple and pear trees if we have time. We are opening our garden again for the village garden safari in June and would love to have this area looking good. Lots to do..!

I’m joining in as usual with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden and her Monday gathering of vases. Do pop over to have a look.

Wishing you a super-duper week.


30 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: spring blues and primroses

  1. I took note of an anemone you had last year, ‘ the bride’, I think. I searched for it here but couldn’t find it. These blue are extremely pretty. Isn’t it amazing how such a robust plant appears so delicate. I’m mightily impressed that you open your garden for viewing.

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      1. Refreshments or no, I stand in awe! We enjoy annual summer visits from old college friends that usually help to focus my efforts but they are usually willing to ignore (I hope!) the dandelions, dog poop and discarded Barbie shoes which litter my garden!


  2. Gorgeous delicate spring flowers, I especially love to see pink in spring. I bet the bay trees smelt nice as they went up in smoke. Good luck getting in the new plantings, it’s always love to put in new fruit trees. Fingers crossed for a little blossom in a few weeks’ time. CJ xx

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  3. I think your garden must be more sheltered than ours as you’ve way more blooms out. Aren’t those colours all just so fantastic? Xx


  4. Such jewels!! I was looking at the first signs of blue over the weekend an am hoping for a blue vase next week… Anenome blanda are gorgeous when they have settled, aren’t they? I remember the first time I was ever aware of them which was at Birmingham Botanical gdns and there carpets of them under the trees. I have added some blue ones here in the autumn to top up the few I had and also more white in the hedge border which they were nearly carpeting last spring. And I love pulmonaria too -mine are quite ‘late’ this year. That’s a mighty big ‘trench’ you have to deal with before June…but I am sure you will get there!


  5. There was a whisper of spring here too, until you turned into the wind, and then it was bloody freezing! Your photos are just lovely, especially the ones of the primroses in direct sunlight. I always help myself to some hydrangeas from my parent’s front garden when they go away in the summer – I’m sure they don’t mind. 🙂 Well done on all that hard graft in the garden, nothing more satisfying than a bonfire after all that work. x


    1. It’ll be a while before I’m walking the dog without a coat and scarf but, yes, the temperatures are creeping up and there’s definite warmth in the sun x


  6. What a lot of work you’ve taken on! Both your vases brought immediate smiles. I adore those blue Anemones – I tried planting A. blanda but they didn’t do well here. Even A. coronaria only survives a couple of years but at least I get a touch of blue there.


    1. The blues are particularly beautiful, aren’t they? Sorry you’ve had no luck with A.blanda. They are woodland plants and like to be under trees.


  7. I love winter, but it is a rather color-starved time. It makes your spring blues and pinks so welcome. Like a good breakfast after a long fast. It’s snowing a bit here today, so our breakfast of color is going to have a wait–but it will be even more delicious when it comes. In the meantime, I will live vicariously through blogs.


  8. These are the vases that I almost picked for today, but didn’t have time to. Actually I only have one grape hyacinth showing any colour, so maybe that is wishful thinking. I love yours though. Good luck with all your prep and tree planting. I am sure that it will be a total transformation of the area.


  9. The pale pink primrose path edging is lovely, what a good idea. I agree that blue of anemone blanda is to die for, especially at this time of year and they work beautifully in your vase.


  10. Sam! love your blog and photos… I wish I had a proper garden. I have a balcony apt. I’m struggling to make it what I want it to be! Any suggestions for great plants to either grow or buy and pot? I get sun until about noon…. your opinion would be great!
    thanks so much 🙂

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