In a Vase on Monday: spring forward

British Summer Time is here – lighter evenings – yay! It was also warm enough to wander around outside without a coat this morning. Big happy sigh. And all of a sudden there seems to be much more material in the garden to pick for vases.

The first of the tulips are flowering – these are ‘Pink Impression’. They are a more lipstick-pink than I was expecting, but the colour is softened by mixing it with others that are less showy. There’s my favourite purple/blue–orange colour combination here – Anemone coronaria ‘Mr Fokker’, Muscari and Cerinthe major (which has self-seeded from last year and started flowering) for the purple/blue and a little Geum of unknown variety (which is just coming into bloom) for the orange. I’ve also included a few dusky pink primroses. Greenery comes from a few sprigs of Lonicera nitida, a couple of tendrils of Vinca major ‘Variegata’ and the Cerinthe and tulips leaves.

The final photograph shows the vase sitting on a little coffee table I bought for £15 on Saturday (with its ‘Sold’ sticker in the corner). It was sitting on the pavement outside a second-hand shop that I often pop into just for a look, you know how it is, and I couldn’t resist it. My first thought was that I’d sand and paint it but my family rolled their eyes and laughed like drains when I told them. I have form here… There’s an old kitchen cupboard and another small table that were sanded and undercoated, erm, probably two years ago now(?!) but have yet to be painted. Perhaps the spring sunshine and longer daylight hours will spur me into getting a move on with them all.

I’m joining in as usual with Cathy and the other bloggers who take part in IaVoM. Do pop over to her place and have a look.

Wishing you a good week.



22 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: spring forward

  1. Gosh – non species tulips! geum! cerinthe! How exciting to have these blooming now too, although I have to say I do seem to have a lot of ordinary tulips in bud here too, but all on bulbs that have been in more than a year and not on the 100+ I planted in the autumn. I think I might have ordered Pink Impression too (must check) – it is a slightly ‘odd’ shade of pink but does work well with all your other bits and bobs. Good luck with your painting projects!

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  2. Those tulips make my heart melt! You complemented them well too. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying better weather. I think you should surprise your family and go to work on that table.

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  3. Isn’t it lovely having the tulips now to add to our flower vases. I love your coffee table find. I would ignore the rest of the family and go with your ideas. It would look great painted. Your dark coloured wall; goes so well with your vase of flowers. Have a good week enjoying the spring sunshine :). B x

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  4. Brilliant bargain table. Our local recycling centre has the most amazingly cheap furniture. Honestly, I could set up a shop doing it up. Love the flowers, I can definitely see spring is here. What are the ones in the third photo? Oh, that’s the cerinthe, I’ve just googled it, it’s a new one for me. Quite lovely. I’ve just been down by the stream giving the littlest boy a lesson in wild flowers. Hoping some of it will rub off and stick. Hope you have a good week Sam. CJ xx

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  6. Love the coffee table, the shape is very pretty. It looks nice as it is. Your garden produces the loveliest flowers, it is a pleasure to see them on your bargain table. Wishing you a fabulous week. x

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  7. Oh that’s a cheery vase vase Sam. My self seeding cerinthes are slightly behind yours when it comes to flowers but soon I hope. Reaching that not needing a coat stage is brilliant and makes it so much easier to do jobs 🙂

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  8. Goodness, those tulips are gorgeous! That table was such a bargain, I love it! I don’t think it really needs painting. I’m told that rubbing of furniture with a walnut can cover small marks.

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  9. Of course I clocked that little table straight away – I think you’ve found a gem there! Nice mid-century lines. It would look glorious painted, or sanded and stained or varnished. I’m loving those tulips against the dark wall, they really pop. Sadly I only seem to have one tulip in the garden at the moment, so I won’t pick it!

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    1. The table is a lovely shape, isn’t it? I’ll sand it (eventually) and see how it looks. I planted loads of tulip bulbs in the autumn so that I could pick more 🙂


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