In a Vase on Monday: Simplicity

After the excitement of last week, I thought I’d pare things back and go for a very simple vase today (and ended up with two). The wildflower patch at the bottom of the garden is overrun with oxeye daisies again – although they look lovely and last a long time, they are smothering the more delicate wildflowers that are in there. If you look very carefully, you can just see some yellow vetch to the left but there’s little evidence of anything else. We’ll need to thin the daisies out later in the year.

The whole area is looking a little bedraggled after the storms last week so I’ve brought some of the flattened daisies indoors (along with a few grass stems). Oxeye daisies don’t smell particularly nice (think cats…) so I snipped a couple of sweet peas to sit alongside them and, happily, their delicious scent is stronger than the other one.

Simplicity is something that politicians and the media seem allergic to; they seem intent on making life thoroughly complicated. If only there was a group of sensible, forward-thinking, cross-party MPs who could get us through EU negotiations – I’m sure there are several who could work together for the greater good rather than point-scoring party politics. Is it naive to think that something like that could happen? Probably. Sigh.

Anyway; back to the garden… It’s almost peak lavender time. Yay. The two simple rows of lavender flanking the steps on our top terrace were also bashed about by the winds last week, but they’re tough plants and, while they may be leaning slightly, they are starting to colour up and should look fabulous in time for the Garden Safari in a couple of weeks. It’s all go here in any spare time, or it was until I pulled a muscle in my lower back yesterday afternoon – too much bending, lifting and pulling! Grrrr. I was so cross. I’m trying to walk it off, stretching it out with yoga and popping the painkillers. Hopefully it’ll be sorted in a few days as there is so much to do.

I was going to forgo the pleasure of joining in with Cathy’s IAVOM today as cutting flowers requires painful bending but I couldn’t resist. Do pop over to her blog to see what she and others from around the world have found to put in a vase today.

Have a good week.

18 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Simplicity

  1. Thank you for putting up with your pulled muscle for the sake of IAVOM – this year is the first time I have really noticed ox-eye daisies around (on verges) and am realising how pretty they are. They nearly made it into a vase for today till I spotted the dahlias! Please don’t overdo your bending and stretching, Sam…

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  2. Gorgeous oxeye daisies. They always look so fresh and new don’t they. A perfect antidote to the unfolding mayhem.
    I hope your back is restored before long. I’ve found the Alexander Technique of lying down very helpful in improving and then avoiding back pain.


  3. Ox-Eye daisies are lovely, but they do take over if you are not careful. But there is something very appealing about the simplicity of a daisy. Oh dear, I hope your back gets better quickly.


  4. There’s nothing that says summer as well as daisies! Take care of your back! My own is acting up and I also find it hard to face the fact that sometimes rest is best. I also share your frustration with politicians – ours on this side of the pond are also having a great deal of trouble working across party lines despite the fact that the survival of both our major parties (if not also our nation) depends upon their doing just that.


  5. I can sympathise with the backache Sam, and my advice (which I never follow myself!) is to rest and do no bending for a couple fo days… I know, unrealistic for a gardener! 😉 Love the bright moon daisies with the dark and dramatic sweet pea.


  6. Lovely ox-eye daisies, I’ve been seeing them on the verges everywhere. In fact I saw a couple of ladies by a main A-road picking huge bunches of the other day. It made me think of a pretty country wedding. My lavender is at the same stage, I’m looking forward to that divine smell. Sorry you’ve hurt your back, I do hope it’s all better soon. Good luck with the final garden preparations. CJ xx


  7. Sam, I hope that muscle is feeling better today. Rest for a day! I learn something new from everyone of your posts. Today, my lesson is to plant more of the same plant together. Your swathe of lavender looks blissful. X


  8. There’s nothing nicer than straight daisies sometimes and the contrasting sweetpea colour is perfect, deep and rich. Hope your back is sorted quickly. I have similar problems with mine from time to time and I’ve found Pilates helps too.


  9. The sweet pea is a gorgeous colour. I hope the back is soon ok, there is never a good time for a gardener to have problems. William Hague has suggested a commission should be quickly setup with leaders from all the main parties, business leaders CBI, TUC ect to draw up recommendations for the negotiations. Seems a sensible idea, so probably won’t happen!


  10. Fresh as a Daisy, simplicity is a wonderful thing sometimes. I am amazed how disgusted everyone is with politics and politicians. Yoga inversions usually help my back when I overgarden. Feel better.


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