In a Vase on Monday: Summer

After a hectic couple of weeks building up to our village’s open garden safari this past weekend, where every spare moment was spent in the garden, it’s lovely to be slowing down a little today and joining in with Cathy’s Monday vases.

It’s that time of year when there is so much material to choose from, so I started with dahlias that needed dead-heading and went from there. Joining the dahlias (which I think are ‘Karma Choc’) are three types of hardy geranium (unknown varieties), Verbena ridgida, white Scabious, lavender, Salvia viridis, Nigella seedheads, sweetpeas and Gaura lindheimeri ‘The Bride’ (which is just starting to flower). All of these flowers are beloved by bees in our garden and I had to pick carefully to avoid bringing several into the kitchen. And all these flowers sing out ‘summer’ to me and encapsulate a beautiful late June day when the sea is turquoise and the blue sky is dotted with wispy clouds.

Do visit Cathy’s blog to have a look at what others have found to put in a vase today. (She also has dahlias.)

I’ll post separately about the open garden when I’ve had time to catch up with myself. I hope you had a good weekend and that the sun is shining where you are. Cheerio for now.

18 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Summer

  1. That does look a pretty dahlia Sam – I had Karma Choc once but richness of the dahlia – thanks for sharing. Hope you are not too worn out after your open weekend – at least we had a break between our two days


  2. Love all the photos, wish I had your view. The Atlantic can be seen from my roof. I have never been up there! I enjoy seeing the different plants and had quite forgotten about Nigella. Lovely.


  3. What a lovely vase, and a beautiful background too. Pretty as a picture, as they say! Hope you can now relax and enjoy the garden for yourself! 🙂


  4. Gorgeous summer flowers, but oh, the backdrop. Utter perfection. It looks so peaceful and gloriously June. I’d like to sit there for a while and just breathe it all in. Hope the weekend went well, I shall look forward to hearing all about it. CJ xx


  5. The flowers are lovely, but it was that sky and ocean that caught my eye. It sounds as if you had a successful garden safari. I hope your back healed quickly. It must feel good to sit down, put your feet up, and relish that view.


  6. It takes quite a vase of flowers not to be upstaged by that incredible view from your home, but you did it. What pretty, seasonal blooms. Visiting your blog makes me realise how little I know about gardening, but also inspires me to learn and grow more. x


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