Checking in

Ha, just spotted my m-in-l top left taking photos!
Dog looking shifty.
Remember that bare bank of soil?
Terracing starting to come together. The grasses – Calamagrostis, Miscanthus and Stipa t. will soften it.
Aha, the pond! We didn’t realise there were paving slabs this end of the pond until we cleared the big pile of rocks, soil and brambles…
This jasmine smells divine.
Climbing rose over the wonky arch. No idea what variety it is.
Lavender and briza.
Pink scabious (bees love it), with ammi, sweetpeas, marigolds, Verbena b. and grasses behind; blue Campanula to the left.
The new veg patch on the other side of the steps.
Colour-pop pots.
The zinnias are coming!
Gaura ‘The Bride’.
Two ‘Turk’s Turban’ squashes growing in the compost heap. They’re now taking over that whole corner…
Front left (looking towards the sea) taken from the balcony.
Front right.
The back garden which has been a bit neglected, tbh, while we’ve been beaming on the front garden. Goodness knows what we were thinking when we took this on…


Hello, how are you?! It’s been all work and no play for the past couple of weeks here at acoastalplot, hence the radio silence. It’s good to be busy (freelance work tends to be like buses) but I have missed you 🙂 I’ve also found it slightly excruciating (if it’s possible to be excruciated in degrees) being indoors at my desk during some completely glorious weather; looming deadlines meant that I couldn’t down tools and head to the beach with my family at the weekend. But, hey, there’ll be other days.

The garden has had to pretty much fend for itself, so thank goodness it’s finally raining! Hoo-flipping-rah. The sky has been full of grey clouds all day but it didn’t start properly raining until early evening. It’s now bouncing off the skylights and I’m imagining the plants are cheering, especially the grass which has lost most of its green. The snails are probably cheering, too, so I expect I’ll find more destruction in the morning. I must take a photo of one of the dahlias to show you – it’s a poor dahlia skeleton. Curse those slimy creatures.

These photos were taken in the garden just after the garden safari weekend. We were still planting, moving rocks and laying paths right up to the night before, but it all went well and we had lots of lovely people through the garden, met new neighbours and locals we hadn’t met before, and chatted to fellow keen gardeners. It was lovely to be able to take a breather and to enjoy being in the garden and we even managed to visit a few inspiring gardens recommended to us. A decent amount of money was raised for the hospice and everyone declared it a success. Looking at the photos, it’s amazing how much everything has settled in and grown since they were taken. The little orchard area is now full of wildflowers, the ornamental grasses and perennials are filling out, we’ve courgettes, tomatoes and squashes growing like crazy, and enough flowers to keep me in vase material for a good while yet. I can’t wait to have time to get out there again. When it stops raining.

Have a lovely rest of the week. More anon. x


25 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. Your garden looks fantastic! I love all the variety of plants you have in there, it looks planned but also wild at the same time, which is my favorite kind of garden. It sounds like you’ve been very busy with work, which is a good thing, but I’m glad you’re making time to be outside in good weather too. Hope all else is well with you and your family.

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  2. Oh it’s gorgeous, you have been working hard, well done you. I felt exactly the same about the rain, I could almost hear the plants heaving a deep happy sigh. But yes, slugs and snails everywhere. I have a dahlia flower that looks like lace, must also take a photo. I hope your deadlines have all been met and you have a little more time now. Nice job on the garden, you really have a very good touch with planting. CJ xx

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  3. What a lovely garden you are creating. I hope that your time opens up so that you can spend more of it outside. I was tickled to see the squash on the compost. And I swear that plants send out some sort of sighs of pleasure or ecstasy when a much-needed rain comes down.

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  4. I think we were all glad to hear that rain fall down last night. It’s good to watch your garden develop – I think you’ll have to put some before and after photos up because it all looks so settled. I love the colour pop pots. Opening up for the garden safari must be good because other people notice such different things and can make you appreciate what you have (as opposed to looking at the bits that haven’t worked or grown), Hope you’re enjoying some sunshine today.

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  5. Your garden has wonderful bones that will enhance the plantings as they mature. It’s a lot of work to redo or begin a garden. Not for the fainthearted. The lavender hedge is very pretty.

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  6. It sounds like you had a busy few weeks with work and garden. The garden is looking really really good, I love it. Hope you get some time to go to the beach now with family and dog! x


  7. Good to hear from you Sam and to see all these photos of your wider garden – it made it easier to get an impression of the layout of your plot…the front garden is certainly a challenge but you are making great inroads! Look forward to seeing it settle in more and mature – oh and what a great event the safari must have been. So glad you enjoyed it ☺


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