In a vase on Monday: stalwarts

There are flowers that are ubiquitous in a late summer border – stalwart flowers such as Japanese anemones, Verbena bonariensis, cosmos and sedums – and these are what I’ve picked to display in three Monday vases today (they wouldn’t all fit together nicely in one and I wanted to show off the flowers to the fullest extent).

The beautiful grey Royal Doulton vase was a birthday present from my best brother (no favouritism going on; I’ve only got one sibling) and I love its shape and colour. In the jug with the sedums, I’ve added pink scabious and Panicum elegans ‘Frosted Explosion’ which has appeared of its own accord in a different part of the garden to where I grew it on purpose last year. The little vase with cosmos was a second-hand shop find.

As I was taking the photographs I noticed a tiny passenger…

As usual, I’m joining in with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden who has a very colourful, lovely vase of late summer flowers.

Thank you very much indeed for the lovely comments on my previous post. It seems many of us have slight laundry mania 🙂 Brenda came up with a great suggestion of several (lots, if possible) bloggers writing about their day all on the same day. I think it would be fascinating to know what many bloggers from around the world all get up to on one day but I guess it might be tricky choosing a day that suits as many people as possible. What do you think? Who’s in?!

Have a great week.

25 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: stalwarts

  1. I love the way you’ve captured the light and am rather envious of the bright colours you still have in your garden. Some years we take part in a Farm24 when lots of farmers write blogs/IG/tweet/FB their day on a chosen date. Might be something we bloggers could do.

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  2. The white anemones and the cranberry cosmos make a lovely pairing, Sam. I was delighted to see the first Japanese anemone in bloom here this morning but a question remains as to whether it will also be the last, as our weather has swung back into its hot and dry mode. Your Panicum grass volunteer is wonderful – I wish I could get it to to grow in my garden but my local garden guide suggests my climate is a bit out of its range.

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  3. Yes, that would be great, pick a day, I’m in. You do have some lovely vases. The grey jug is scrumptious. The bees do appreciate the remaining flowers at this time of year don’t they. I’ve managed to grow a dahlia this year (Bishop of Llandaff) and it always has a bumble or two hanging around it. CJ xx

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  4. You have stalwarts too – and how exciting that Frosted Exoplosion has reappeared with no human help!! I certainly wouldn’t ahve been able to spare THREE stems of mine! I did read your day in the life post but hadn’t commented on it – I was really interested and wondered whether this is, as you suggested, basic nosiness. I couldn’t decide though whether I would want to expose myself to such scrutiny or not – but the idea of several bloggers doing it for the same day somehow seems safer as the temptation to pick the least/most interesting or typical day doesn’t arise… Hmm, do let us know if anything is arranged

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    1. I’ve discovered another Panicum in another random place – obviously quite free in its self-seeding! I know what you mean about exposing self to scrutiny, but I guess it’s up to the writer what they include. There’s definitely a case for not giving too much information! I’ll keep you posted.


      1. Generally most of my self seeders tend to do so in cracks in paving! Hmm, and would I recognise the distinction between panicum and more ordinary grass if it did self seed…?! 😀

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  5. I love the light in your photos, especially the first one. I don’t have many flowers left at this point, sadly, but the mums may be blooming pretty soon. I would love to join in with the post idea, please let us know more!

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  6. Beautiful vases – I really love the pk. scabiosa and grass!
    A day in the life… sounds interesting! you might pick a day with a week notice and let folks pick their day to write about and post on the set day. That would give fudge room for those who need it. (Ex. Everyone posts IAVOM, but you notice vases are created on different days.)

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  7. The light is beautiful in your photos Sam, and these lovely shades of pink look good in your new and rather elegant vase. Count me in for the ‘A day in the life of…’ post! I have been thinking about doing one anyway, but if lots of people do it on the same day it would be a wonderful way to celebrate blogging friendships!

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