In a vase on Monday: autumn gold

Swallows wheeled about in the sky all around me on the clifftop this morning. Large flocks of them calling to each other and riding the thermals from the sea, feeding up for their long migration south for the winter. I walked along slowly, taking it all in while the dog snuffled in bushes – such a magical moment. There”s are sights, smells and sounds particular to autumn, aren’t there? Berry-laden bushes, cobwebs everywhere, flocks of birds leaving, others arriving, leaves turning… As I walked back to the house through the garden, I spotted a couple of golden bells of Clematis tangutica (golden clematis) in the wildflower patch under the fruit trees. We don’t want clematis growing here so I went back out again to snip off the tendrils and cut a few white Japanese anemones that are growing in the steps to put together a simple Monday vase.

Cathy at Rambling in the Garden also has a jug full of autumn gold today.

I also have jars and jugs of zinnias in the house – the colours are more muted than the very bright colours in summer but still lovely.

I used to spend more time than I had spare gazing out to sea when we first moved here. After a while, I got used to the view (you have to get on with daily life!) but there were several moments yesterday when we had to stop and stare at the dramatic skies and the serene view.

Wishing you a good week ahead.

11 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: autumn gold

  1. Fabulous skies, and beautifully captured. I always struggle to photograph beautiful sunsets but you’ve made a lovely job of it. A really pretty delicate vase this week. The flowers belie the wild weather we’ve been having. Your dog walk sounds a lot better than mine, dragging an annoying puppy along the pavements. It has not been a good day. CJ xx

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    1. I’d like to take the credit, but I suspect it’s thanks to my whizzy new camera! So sorry you’ve had a rubbish day – hope today is much better x


  2. I literally gasped when I saw your sky shots, Sam. They are prize-worthy. Fall looks to be remarkably pretty in your part of the world! Your simple vase it lovely – the clematis makes a perfect companion for those pristine anemones.

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  3. Wow, what amazing skies. September is beautiful but there is something rather melancholy about watching the swallows getting ready to leave.
    The clematis is a perfect match for your clematis and very pretty.

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  4. We have had so many more swallows flying in the fields around us over the last few weeks too. The views of the sea can be so distracting they just constantly change. Your Monday vase is beautiful. Sarah x

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