In a vase on Monday: Octoberfest

The leaves may be turning on the trees, conkers may be falling, berries ripening and seed-heads forming, but there are still plenty of summer flowers in my garden. Cosmos, osteospermum, snapdragons, verbenas, nasturtiums – all continue to produce blooms in jewel-like colours. Joining these flowers in my Monday vase are a few Crocosmia seed-heads, a length of hawthorn heavy with berries, a twig spindle leaves, a sprig of old-man’s beard (wild clematis) and some field maple which is just starting to turn.

October (before the clocks go back and it starts to get dark in the afternoon) is one of my favourite months. There’s the prospect of a walk through crunchy leaves, burnished and shiny conkers to find in the soft autumn light, and fruit, berries and seeds to harvest. It can be warm enough to be outdoors in a t-shirt (like today) or chilly enough to need a coat and scarf. Whatever the weather, it’s a month when you can really sense the seasons turning and I find that reassuring and comforting.

Thank you to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting all the Monday vases. Click on the link to see her lovely collection of persicaria and links to many other vases from around the world.

Wishing you a good week ahead.


21 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: Octoberfest

  1. Your jewel-colored arrangement is spectacular, Sam, and it stands out beautifully against the light-colored wall. The horse chestnuts and autumn leaves add the perfect touch. October is one of my favorite months too, as it usually (but not always!) brings an end to our heatwaves – I can practically hear the plants sighing with pleasure.

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    1. Sorry, Joanna – I had a poke about to see if I could find the label (I often shove them in the soil next to the plants) but nada. I bought three small plants at a plant sale and they’ve done very well.


  2. Gorgeous colours Sam! The jug you have used is really striking – great with red berries and those leaves and conkers! I love October too – my favourite month perhaps, although September comes close. Hope we both get some sunny days for shuffling through crispy leaves! 🙂

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  3. Beautiful colours: October is a lovely month, before the really chilly weather descends and we’re back to de-icing the car! Also love woolly jumpers and a nice scarf! Xx

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  4. Wow Sam, that’s a gorgeous vase of flowers. Jewels indeed. Loved your words about October, conjured the spirit of the month perfectly and made me feel very cosy xx

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  5. I love the smell of October. It’s all woodsmoke and damp earth. Cosmos reign supreme in my garden, along with verbena and marigolds. The wallflowers have started to flower again, which is odd. I love your case arrangement this week. Have a good one Sam x

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  6. Hi Sam, This is the first time I’ve visited your blog. I’m a bit envious that you live so close to the ocean. Your arrangement is lovely. You have so many flowers still blooming! I really love the jug you’re using as a vase and your home looks so welcoming. Happy Gardening!

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  7. You’re right, you can really feel the season turning in October. Suddenly it’s chilly, but as you say there are t-shirt days as well. That’s a glorious jug of flowers, all those dramatic colours, with those autumn touches – the old man’s beard and hawthorn berries – to make it even prettier. A really lovely vase which is absolutely of the season. Nicely done. CJ xx

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