In a vase on Monday: October sunrise

There’s something special about sunrises at this time of year – there is probably a technical explanation about the angle of the Earth’s axis but whatever it is, the colours seem more intense. These photos were taken at 6.50am when our little patch of the world was bathed in a glorious pink-tinged golden light as the sun appeared then disappeared behind a blanket of cloud.

Tenuous link… There are still bright sun-filled flowers in the garden, most notably zinnias still doing their thing. They’re a little tatty from the wind, but valiantly producing powerfully coloured blooms. And the deep red nasturtiums seem unstoppable – they’re spreading and flowering all over the place and I’m happy to let them. I’ve cut a handful of these sunshine flowers to bring a little sunrise indoors. The red-tinged leaves are from Pelargonium ‘Attar of Roses’ and they smell delicious.

Astoundingly, I also found these sweetpeas on a plant that was destined for the compost heap. A last hurrah because it knows its days are numbered, perhaps.

Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, who I’m sure you know by now hosts this weekly gathering of vases, has links to many others from around the world, so do go and take a look if you have time.

Thank you for the insightful and encouraging comments on my last post. You are a lovely lot. Wishing you a good week ahead.

17 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: October sunrise

  1. The light is gorgeous at this time of year isn’t it. All the better to make those autumn colours really glow. Love that you found some sweet peas. One last deep breath of their scent to last until next summer. CJ xx

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  2. You have captured your sunrise beautifully, both in photo and vase form. The colours in the vase work brilliantly together, don’t they? I have Nasturtium ‘Mahogany’ running amok here, but as much onto the paths as anywhere else – I don’t need it to ramble QUITE as much as this! How lovely to find a late sweet pea too to enjoy the very last breath of them for this year

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  3. Those colours really are like the sunrise Sam. We have had lovely evening skies here, with fluffy clouds lit up in pinks and orange. I love the foliage you used in your vase – it goes so nicely with your zinnias. 🙂

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  4. Your red-flower vase is perfection, Sam! I’ve never seen that Pelargonium color up so prettily here – it was meant to accompany those flowers. The sunrise shots made a beautiful prelude to your vases.

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