I’ve not written here much lately. It’s not that I don’t have anything to write about; I could write reams and reams but it would most likely be the tired ramblings of a middle-aged mother who’s slightly fraying at the edges, and no-one wants to read that. I also haven’t taken many photos lately and I haven’t done anything worth writing about in the garden for weeks and weeks (sadly). There are still bulbs to plant, for goodness’ sake… Work and family commitments have overtaken everything else and I need to simplify my list of things to do for a while.

When I started this blog, I intended it to be about gardening, and a record of what we were doing with our plot (hence the name), with a little sprinkling of my family life thrown in. Instead, it has become an ‘eclectic mix’ of jugs of flowers (linking to the In a Vase on Monday meme, which I love), anything that is on my mind at the time of writing, a tiny bit of baking and the occasional update on the garden. I think it’s time to press the pause button to regroup and reassess.

Thank you for visiting my blog, for reading and for commenting; I am hugely grateful and it’s been wonderful to make so many lovely friends here. I will continue to read and comment on other blogs and will return at some point. In the meantime, I wish you all peace, love and contentment.

Sam x


46 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. Sometimes life takes over for a while: I don’t seem to achieve all I want to but I can’t always pin point why this is! I hope things settle down, become less fraught and more focused. Keep painting and taking your photos, and you’ll soon get there Xx

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  2. Might you be overthinking? Why not let your writing wander where it wants. You might be surprised how much people want to read the “tired ramblings of a middle-aged mother”, when they are expressed as articulately as yours.

    That’s a wonderful picture btw.

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  3. I have so much enjoyed reading your posts Sam. You have a way with words that I admire, so I do hope that you will return some time soon when other commitments are not so pressing! In the meantime all the best!

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  4. I completely understand that feeling of work and family needing a lot of time, I’ve been feeling a lot of overwhelm lately. I hope you have a good break, with some time for yourself if possible, although I know that’s always a hard thing to fit in. Wishing you all the very best, CJ xx

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  5. Yes, it’s good to have a little break, and perhaps book yourself a massage or two, and maybe a chat with a therapist? It’s a bummer to let your creativity go, but can also feel like a relief hey? I did enjoy your little flower pics, especially as we don’t have so many of them here in Oz, but it’s great you can listen to yourself and take some time out. May you feel rested and restored soon, blessings G

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  6. Take care of yourself and I’ll look forward to when you pop by again. I’ve always enjoyed your ‘ramblings’ and your flowers and of course gardening adventures.

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  7. This tired ‘old pensioner’ enjoys reading your “ramblings”. It is probably the effect of winter and the approaching Christmas festivities that is taking its toll. It is not many days now untill the shortest day and then you will bounce back Sam reinvigorated.😀

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  8. I will miss your blog Sam but I completely understand. Blogging is time consuming and although the links forged are lovely and life-affirming sometimes real life needs more attention. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas season and may see you sometime next year. Sarah x

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  9. I’ll miss you so, Sam — all the way across the ocean! Perhaps you’ll feel a tiny urge now and then to post a picture or two…. ? All the best.

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  10. Sam. I love reading what you call your ramblings. I see them as a very articulated and an entertaining read about you and your life. They are also a great way to keep in touch when we live miles apart. Enjoy the break and keep on painting. I echo what George says. X

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  11. With all you have on your plate, you are fortunate to be only slightly frayed at the edges. Do your best to un-fray and knit yourself back together. But don’t be too ambitious–frayed edges are natural at your stage of life. When you get older and the kids are on their own, you will look back and think, “how did I ever do it?” But you will also miss the lovely chaos of a house so full of life. In the meantime, enjoy your family and make what time you can for yourself. As for blogging–it’s healthy for all of us to take a break from it from time to time. I will miss hearing from you, though, with your uniquely Sam-like point of view.

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  12. You will be missed, Sam, but I am sure we all respect your need for a break and admire your decision, which will have been a hard one. Take care, look after yourself as well as your family, and hopefully we will see you again in due course

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  13. It’s funny, I haven’t posted in almost a week, which is unusual for me. But this is a hobby, not an obligation, and not worth doing if you don’t feel like it. However, I do look forward to your posts when the spirit moves you to write online again.

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