In a Vase on Monday: tiny flower love

It is glorious outside today – sunshine on a glittering sea, a frosty nip in the breeze but you can feel warmth where it’s sheltered. I met a friend for a good stomp across the fields – mud frozen into peaks and troughs where the tractors have been. The sky was deep, deep blue overhead and a skylark sang its joyful song. Puddles were frozen solid and a sprinkling of snow crusted the grass. The sort of morning where you feel alive and uplifted, even if you start off tired and rushing (as I was). Our dogs were definitely happy to be out running about in the sun.

We are reaching peak snowdrop here in the garden – the tiny Galanthus navalis are almost all out in the lawn and borders, those that get most sun are ahead of the others. I’ve picked a few snowdrops, one crocus (a clump of these egg yolk-yellow beauties pop up at the base of an old apple tree each year) and a couple of tiny violets. These grow in nooks and crannies in the paths and steps and have just started flowering. All flowers are precious in the garden at this time of year, so I didn’t want to pick many; I’ve added some cyclamen leaves, which are abundant and looking particularly smart at the moment. I love their smooth purple undersides almost as much as their intricate silver-markings.

A month ago I used a few bare stems of Prunus padus (bird cherry) in my Monday vase and have kept them in water to see what would happen…

Spring. It’s coming… 🙂

In a Vase on Monday is hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden; do click on the link to see her vase and links to many others from around the world.

It’s half term here this week. My 16-year-old is sitting opposite me at the kitchen table scoffing a huge bowl of Cornflakes as I type. Yes, he’s just got up. My daughter has made her lunch, wandered elsewhere to eat it and left everything out on the kitchen worktops (hummus in the sun…) and my eldest boy has drained the coffee pot. I’ll be fitting in work, trying to keep some semblance of order and taking some time off to enjoy their company. Pancake-making tomorrow (for Shrove Tuesday), shopping (clothes for growing teenagers) and a trip the cinema are on the cards.

Whatever you’re up to this week, I hope you have a good one.

15 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: tiny flower love

  1. That must have been a great walk – similarly sunny but VERY cold this this morning too. Your dinky vase is gorgeous, with your tiny little blooms, and every bit as precious and lovely as anything bigger. Thanks for sharing it


  2. Sweet little spring flowers. It was nice to see the sun today but goodness it was cold. I have been experimenting with different twigs indoors. It is lovely to see fresh new leaves.


  3. Oh it’s busy when they’re all home isn’t it. Well done on fitting in some work, I wish I knew how to manage that. Love that yellow crocus, gorgeous. I had a similar walk with a friend and her dog the other morning, it was good for the soul. A grand day out planned tomorrow, it will be a nice change to the routine. Enjoy your week. And get that hummus in the fridge. CJ xx

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  4. Our half term is next week,we help look after grandchildren, both during school time and holidays. Cinema trip planed to see Early Man. (Granddads request!) The spring bouquet is lovely, have agood week.


  5. Have you noticed also that the birds are starting to sing their spring song? Lovely arrangement. I enjoyed your description of your walk, I almost smelled the sea.


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