In a vase on Monday: survivors

We had a trip to the V.E.T. this morning – Cassie somehow hurt herself on Saturday (running like a loon in the snow, we think) and she’s been feeling extremely sorry for herself ever since. The vet gave her a thorough check over and she thinks she’s strained her hips. One anti-inflammatory jab later (and drops to give her over the next few says) and we were back home, Cassie much perkier. She’s under strict instructions to have a Quiet Week, i.e. no walks. Goodness knows how we’re going to manage that – we’ll both be going up the wall come Friday. She’s been staring at me with her ‘why aren’t we going out’ face all day and doing some pitiful whining which is slightly distracting when I’m trying to concentrate on work.

Anyway! When we got home from the vets, I walked her round the garden to, well, you know what, and I snipped a few flowers to put on my desk and to join in with Cathy’s Monday vases. (Do click on the link to see hers and others from around the world.)

The snow has all absolutely disappeared here – you wouldn’t know there had been any apart from a few plants that have been knocked for six. The hellebore which had been spreadeagled on the ground is slowly raising itself up again – it looks a little careworn – and this anemone was still lying flat on the ground, which is why it looks rather faded and bedraggled. Loads of snowdrops have gone over in the freezing cold but I found a patch still looking good and the gorgeous blue muscari are suddenly starting to appear. It felt hopeful and full of promise out there.

Have a lovely week. I shall be working hard at my desk, admiring these blooms and trying to ignore a thoroughly fed up dog (and a cat who likes to sit on my papers!).

20 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: survivors

  1. Oh poor Cassie, I hope she’s all better soon. Love that you managed to find a few blooms despite the snow. It’s all vanished here too, but strangely there is no food at the supermarket. I shall have to stop the children from eating soon. CJ xx

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  2. Good to hear you have some survivors – my snowdrops and hellebores have popped up nicely again today and the crocus were positively glowing. Don’t muscari look pretty in vase? Yours certainly do and they lift the otherwise subdued nature of the survivors. Hope you and your dog survive the week like your blooms have ps what a beautifully black cat you have..!

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    1. We have two cats – this one has become quite a lap cat in the cold weather. Alfie, the black and white cat, can mostly be found staring into the pond..! Hope our gardens cope with the icy blast and snow forecast for this weekend.

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  3. Poor dog! (And poor dog minder.) Hopefully, Cassie (and you) will soon forget this unfortunate no-walk week. With the storm behind you, I hope nicer weather is also in store but you. In the meantime, you managed to put together a lovely vase from your survivors.

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  4. That is such a pretty dainty Hellebore, I’m glad is survived. These little vases are such a treat. Our snow has almost gone and the difference in temperature is incredible. The sun came out and I took off my coat!

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  5. Very sorry to hear about Cassie and I hope that she is back to her self soon, but I would like to say that I get pitiful whining every day for ~1/2 an hour before Sadie’s teatime! Nice to see that lovely blue of your muscari. It just looks so fresh.

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    1. Ha, oh dear! Cassie doesn’t tend to whine very much but she has a good repertoire of sad faces. Muscari is one of my favourite spring flowers.


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