In a Vase on Monday: spring promise

I don’t think I can entirely blame the clocks going forward an hour this weekend for my weariness this morning. It might have had something to do with watching the final hour of the film ‘Everest’ last night. Have you seen it? Don’t watch it before going to bed. My heart was still racing and I ended up reading Alexander McCall Smith’s ‘Love Over Scotland Street’, (a very easy, reassuring read) well into the small hours to calm myself down.

Anyway, here we are – Monday 26 March – and finally it really does feel spring-like outside. (I am ignoring the dire forecasts of another icy blast which may or may not happen over Easter!) It was overcast and chilly when I walked the dog earlier but there is now glorious sunshine streaming through the windows. It was heavenly standing in the kitchen soaking up the warmth while I drank my coffee and snapped these photos; Cassie (our dog) is following the sun as it moves around the house, rearranging her sleeping spot accordingly. We’re both enjoying this free heat.

One of my favourite early spring flowers – Muscari, plain old grape hyacinths – are popping up all over the garden. I love their blue against the lime green of euphorbias – it’s my current favourite colour combination. There are two types of euphorbia here – E. oblongata and E. amygdaloides – together with two types of miniature narcissus (one is a single flower of  Tete-a-tete, I can’t remember what the paler one is) and Primula vulgaris, common primrose, which is spreading nicely throughout the wildflower patch at the bottom of our garden.

I’m joining in, as usual, with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden where you’ll find her Monday vase and links to lots of others from around the world.

While I was outside picking the flowers for today’s vase, I checked on our rhubarb. I remembered to put the terracotta forcing jar over the top of the crown a few weeks ago and it’s worked! There are several long, beautifully pink stems of rhubarb ready to be harvested – I’ll use them to make a cake or pudding for Easter. I am so looking forward to the long weekend, spending time with family and friends, cooking some special meals, winding down and catching up on sleep, and hopefully getting out into the garden to work off the excess from all the hot cross buns and chocolate!

I hope the sun is shining where you are – wishing you a good week.

15 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: spring promise

  1. That’s a very spring like arrangement. Let’s hope the sun keeps shining and the cold spell doesn’t happen. Every year I forget to force rhubarb and only think about it when I notice the rhubarb is growing well – as I did this morning. Must try harder! Enjoy your pink Easter rhubarb.


  2. The blue muscari with the acid green of the euphorbia is indeed a great conbination, and it’s lovely to throw in a few daffs too – definitely a vase of spring promise. It seems to be the tabloids that are promoting a return of the Beast and as you say it is better just to wait and see.


  3. Such a pretty combination in a charming vase. I do miss the muscari and scylla flowers that had naturalized through my old garden over twenty years. I must remember to pop some bulbs into some (all?!) of the containers on our rooftop terrace. We do have crocuses and a few snowdrops and now narcissi coming along, but none of those have the scent of muscari — your kitchen surely smells delightful right now. Especiallly when you add in the smell of the rhubarb being cooked into some lovely (tart-ish) sweet. . .


  4. Muscari with the chartreuse euphorbia is a gorgeous combination that I hadn’t thought of. Love this vase full of spring!


  5. I’m glad you’ve had some sunny weather and I hope any more of old man winter’s gales blow right on by you. Your pretty vase is filled with my favorite colors.


  6. The sunshine in your photos is the icing on the cake Sam! Beautiful flowers. 🙂 Have a lovely long Easter week/weekend and hope the weather stays sunny for you. We had some sunshine yesterday, and it has definitely started to warm up at last… slowly!


  7. Very pretty. Blue and yellow is a lovely spring combination. I love the Mc.Call books too. I heard him speak at the Hay Festival a few years ago, he is such an interesting man.


  8. I’m very envious of your wide sunny windowsills, Sam – so much light! I had to look up the trailer for the film you watched; I can see why it had you on the edge of your seat, I might have to find it to watch now! Lovely vase, I love the colour combo. I was striving for that with daffs and forget me nots in the garden; sadly the forget me nots flowered pink and purple!


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