In a Vase on Monday: flower power

My long-awaited tulips are coming into flower – reds, oranges and purples in various hues – so I had to pick a few for a Monday vase to sit on my desk. Joining the tulips are:

  • forget-me-nots, which are hitting their stride at the moment and I’m delighted on a daily basis to discover where they have put themselves this year. These are among my favourite spring flowers – so generous and pretty
  • a few Anemone coronaria – one deep purple ‘Mr Fokker’ and a few zingy red ‘Hollandia’. I bought three ‘Hollandia’ plants at Great Dixter plant fair last weekend; just couldn’t resist the redness of them. The fair was inspiring (as Great Dixter always is) but most of the plants were very expensive. Even so, we did splash out on a few other plants (delicate epimediums, a few more Anemone blanda to join some existing ones and a couple of lovely deep purple vincas) and then we just had a good mooch around.
  • and a little bit of Cerinthe major (a third-year self-sown plant).

I absolutely adore this time of year. It’s like greeting old friends and making new ones out there in the garden. And this week has started off gloriously sunny with a forecast for more of the same. Spring is (I’m saying it quietly and with my fingers crossed) properly here.

I’m joining in as usual with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden and other bloggers from around the world for the Monday vases. Sorry I haven’t been visiting many blogs recently or posting much. I have a lot of editing work, which is great, and exam-stressed boys to attend to, not so great, and there is little spare time at the moment. Thank goodness for flowers and coffee to keep me going!

I hope all’s well and you have a good week with plenty of sunshine and flowers to enjoy.

14 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: flower power

  1. Ah, some mixed tulips in rich colours, set off by the blue of Mr Fokker and the forget-me-nots – very nice! An excellent combination 🙂 Do you find these anemomes come back for you? Mine are very unreliable but I am trying some in pots again – and likewise my cerinthe doesn’t seem to self seed, but I keep hoping! Thanks for sharing and I hope the revision and editing is progressing well

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  2. Glorious. So lovely to see all the spring abundance at last. And sunshine on the way. I may even wear a t-shirt later on in the week. Glad you are busy, busy is good. Good luck with the pre-exam stress. CJ xx

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  3. Oh that’s a cheery vase of spring colour Sam. I made it to my allotment today and was delighted to see colour on the forget-me -nots. Hope those boys are not getting too stressed. The build up to exams takes its toll on mums too so glad to hear that you’ve had the chance to indulge in some recent plant retail therapy.

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  4. Oh my, those colours are gorgeous! I recently bought a blue jug in a flea market that both my sister and I recognised as being the sister of a much-loved jug our mum used for flowers. This autumn must be the one when I plant plenty of tulip bulbs – I’ll come to your blog for guidance on which ones, I never know and then get paralysed by indecision and fail to buy, fail to plant. Which invariably I regret when spring comes around.

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  5. Sam, your flowers are always so lovely. I got Dr Fokker last year on your recommendation and haven’t been disappointed. I know exactly what you mean about old and new friends in the garden, I can’t wait for some of my perennials to wake up and start showing themselves. xx

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  6. Your vase is exactly my cup of tea! (Or coffee 😉 ) I love sturdy tulips with forget-me-nots, and that vase is a nice solid base for them. Perfect Sam. Hope you get a bit more time for other things (and the garden) soon!

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