In a Vase on Monday: an aide memoire (tulips)

Our garden has almost reached peak tulip and although there are plenty of other tempting vase-fillers I decided to pick one of each tulip that is flowering today and make a note of the name, as much for my own records as anything. I’m not very good at keeping notes of plants (pretty rubbish, in fact) so I’ve been back through my email orders and tried to put the correct names to each tulip. All of these are repeat flowerers – none were planted this winter just gone and some were planted as long ago as 2014 (‘Ballerina’ and ‘Brown Sugar’ were the first I planted here). Most, including those two, were bought from Sarah Raven and others were from Crocus.

Above from left to right:
A very diminutive ‘Arjuna’ which isn’t thriving where it’s planted (must move and see if it does better as it’s a lovely tulip).
The red one is either ‘Seadov’ or ‘National Velvet’. I know we have both somewhere in the garden!
I think the yellow/red one should be a ‘Ballerina’ but it has been affected by tulip breaking virus which causes stripes or flame-like effects. I need to read more about this.
Fourth from left is one of my favourites, ‘Sarah Raven’ –a striking, dark-red lily-flowered tulip.
Next is ‘Request’, which I love. I’ll try to remember to plant more of these.
The large, red lily-flowered one is, I think, ‘Red Emperor’.
Next is ‘Black Parrot’ which isn’t fully out.
And the purple tulip is ‘Passionale’.

From left to right above:
I think the very dark purple is ‘Havran’ (or it could be ‘Queen of Night’!).
Next is definitely an ‘Avignon Parrot’ (flamboyant and beautifully scented).
Another lily-flowered tulip affected by the virus (think it should be ‘Ballerina’).
A rather tatty specimen of one of my favourites ‘Brown Sugar’ which, yes, smells of brown sugar. It’s divine.
And possibly my all-time favourite, ‘Ballerina’, looking like it should do (also scented).

Above, left to right:
‘Queen of Night’ (or it could be ‘Havran’!).
A ‘Brown Sugar’ affected by tulip breaking virus (still smells lovely though).
Finally, a big, blowsy lipstick-pink ‘Pink Impression’.

I think it’s fair to say that the garden and I were thoroughly reacquainted this weekend. Two days of glorious spring sunshine and a determination to Get Something Done Outside led to about 10 hours of gardening over the two days. I’ve got dirt under my fingernails and scratches on my arms, and my gluteus are certainly feeling it today but it was so FANTASTIC to spend several hours head down in the borders. It’ll keep me going this week as I sit at my desk.

I’m joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden and the other IAVOM-ers. Do click on the link to see what she and other bloggers have found for their Monday vases.

Hope you have a good week.


16 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: an aide memoire (tulips)

  1. Gorgeous! And what an excellent idea to remember the names. Glad you had the wonderful sunny weather at the weekend too. It got a bit too warm here for those tulips that had already opened, but there are still some to come. 🙂


  2. My eyes were popping out and there was an audible gasp as I saw your first picture. I adore tulips but cannot grow them for so many reasons so this was such a treat. I love how you picked one of each and put them in a vase. Perfection! I am finally getting out in the garden too, but oh my I cannot go longer than 2 hrs a day these days….my poor body rebels quickly if I do!


  3. Good to know that most of your tulips have reappeared each year, Sam – they certainly can’t be relied on to do that here, except for the species one. It was interesting to see your One of Each collection – which showed their differences as well as helped you remember what they were! Well done for your 10 hours gardening – must be really satisfying. I am definitely in a list making phase as I start one task and then get sidetracked so lists will help me to keep on track!


  4. Glorious photos! Your garden must look amazing with all the colours – hopefully it won’t be too long before you’re out there again X


  5. They’re gorgeous. Love the really dark ones and the frilly parrot in particular. Also reacquainted with the garden here. Grass cut, salad planted and sown. More blossom than I can shake a stick at. Game on. CJ xx


  6. Lovely examples of soo many tulips. Our wildlife (low maintenance) garden in Barton is coming along / changing week by week as the daffs, crocuses, fratillari, forget-me-nots, and one lone tulip are poping up to say hello! My gardening plant knowledge is increasing slowly! Loving your blogs about the garden and family x


  7. Amazing collection! So well photographed….. you can’t take too many in my opinion. Put up some more on Insta pleeeeese ? The colours are just spectacular!


  8. I am SO jealous, Sam! What a collection you’ve got! Tulips aren’t at all happy in my area – if even one or two bloom out of a dozen, I count myself lucky and then they never return for a second show.


  9. Loved your aide memoire idea, Sam! But the actual vase is just stunning – how wonderful to be able to enjoy it all week. ‘Brown Sugar’ is still (for some silly reason!) on my ‘must try’ list – down it goes again for 2018. And probably ‘Sarah Raven’ too – so elegant!


  10. I enjoyed your informative tulip id parade Sam. I’ve made a note to order ‘Sarah Raven’ which I admired in her catalogue last year and oh so nearly ordered. Your stripey jug makes for the perfect container for your blooms.


  11. Last week was heaven in the garden, I’ m sure we have all been working long blissful hours and then hobbling around rather stiffly, I certainly have. Lovely to see all your tulips. Just imagine how much you could have sold your streaky virus infected ones for in the seventeenth century.


  12. Love this! You’ve inspired me to do something similar, if my tulips ever get around to blooming. ‘Ballerina’ is surely one of the great tulips. I’ve never seen it turn red and yellow like that.


  13. I love the idea of ‘peak tulip’. How long do you expect them to keep flowering for, in terms of years? Monty said last year they don’t over winter well, my FIL who is a keen and experienced gardener said that was rubbish, but I have to say my second year ones aren’t looking as fulsome as they did last year. What do you think?

    Hope all’s well, so glad you had a delicious weekend of gardening, I am feeling in need of the same, have done bits and bobs but not a full day’s worth and there’s nothing like that for restoring the soul (not that mine needs restoring particularly, I just love being in the garden).

    Ps- London ballot opens April 30th, just in case Mr Coastal Plot was thinking of having another go (expect he already knows, but just in case) xx


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