In a Vase on Monday: distraction

I’m taking a little of my own advice to my revising boys: if you’re stuck and nothing is going in, stop and do something else productive for a while. Well, I’m proof-reading a book and needed a break, so out into the garden I went, scissors in hand, to snip some blooms for a quick Monday vase to join in with Cathy and other garden bloggers.

Gosh, it’s lovely and warm out there in the sunshine – the birds are singing, the bees are buzzing and the flowers are, well, flowering. Tempting as it was to sit on the Erigeron steps and soak it all in, I quickly snipped a few sprigs of the Erigeron (which is looking gorgeous), some hardy geraniums (which are just starting to flower – look at the delicate veining on that pink one!), ox-eye daisy (coming in to flower), Cerinthe major (self-sown and seemingly flowers for ever), chives, forget-me-nots (almost all gone to seed but still flowers to be had) and Centranthus ruber in bud (I prefer the tiny flower buds as they’re a darker red than the pinker flowers). They’re all plonked into a lovely new jug from Waitrose which I bought as a present to me last week for this very purpose.

I’m off to the Chelsea Flower Show tomorrow with David – a whole day out in London looking at beautifully designed and planted gardens and loads of other garden-related stuff. Yippee. I’ll take my camera and will share my highlights here later in the week. Have a good one. Bye for now.

20 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: distraction

  1. A perfect arrangement of airy blooms from your walk in the sun! Looking forward to seeing your posts from Chelsea! (Lucky.)


  2. I LOVE this selection of flowers. So light and airy, and completely capture the feeling of early summer. Your photography is stunning.


  3. I am so glad you found time to pick these and have at least a momntary break, Sam – if I wasn’t hosting, I would like to think that I would still have made a point of doing the same as you 😉 Enjoy your blooms, and your week – and good luck with the proof reading!


  4. Oh, Chelsea Flower Show, lucky, lucky you. I shall want to see ALL OF IT. Love today’s vase, so pretty and natural looking. I quite often distract myself in the garden. I just pop out to hang out some washing and end up snipping things or pulling up the odd weed. It’s a healthy break! Have a wonderful day tomorrow. CJ xx


  5. Really lovely photos, thank you for posting them. Here in tropical Oz we barely have a Spring- just lumber from one humid wet jungle season to another, so I appreciated your delicate wildflowers so much! Can’t wait for the Flower Show pics…


  6. What a gorgeous spring posy, and how helpful of it to take your mind away from work for a moment. All my self-seeded cerinthe was blasted away by the B from the E so I am envious of yours, and also of your ox-eye daisies, which I love with a passion. Anyway, always so nice to see what’s blooming on the South Coast, as I know that it won’t be long till those flowers are in bloom for me up here.


  7. Wow what a glorious selection!

    Enjoy your day, and we look forward to seeing the photos!

    Love from me. Xx


  8. That is so pretty Sam! I can’t believe the Chelsea Flower Show is on already… no news about it here of course, so I shall look forward to your report! 🙂 Oh, and I must go out and see what needs a Chelsea chop too!


  9. That’s a delightful and really springy arrangement. By the way, I am one of the world’s worst proofreaders (always in too much of a hurry). This has resulted in some incidents at work that only became funny after a decent period of time.


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