Autumn light

My feet haven’t touched the ground lately and I’m not sure I’ll be able to string sensible words together to form an interesting blog post but here goes. I’ll keep it brief(-ish) as I just really wanted to say hello. I hope you’re well. Please forgive the random nature of what follows.

The light outside has been wonderful lately. I rushed indoors to grab my camera yesterday afternoon, took one photo and the battery ran out… These photos were taken over the last couple of weeks. As you can see, it’s also been warm enough to lie about on the grass. I wish! Cassie has been making the most of it.

I’ve been picking apples and pears before the insects get them – David made the first apple pie of the season yesterday – and raspberries galore. Any raspberries that aren’t scoffed straightaway or sprinkled onto muesli are turned into precious ruby jam. Most of our lovely giant tomatoes have been partly munched by flipping snails but the cherry toms are ripening well at last.

I haven’t kept up with my ‘end of month views’ of the garden; I missed August…

I’m project editing a food book at the moment. It involves being organised and on top of everything, keeping the work flowing and knowing what’s where and with who, and I love it. There’s been exciting work for Agnes lately, too – I had to interview someone over the telephone which took me right out of my comfort zone but it was great. I find I’m much more willing and likely to test myself these days.

My sunny younger son turned 17 last week. His brother made the usual coffee and walnut birthday cake (because he has much more time on his hands at the moment than I do) and we celebrated in a low-key fashion which was just what he wanted. He’s keen to start driving lessons as soon as possible and had his first go around an empty car park at the weekend. David sat in the passenger seat, I got out of the car and watched from a safe distance… We’ve promised him some proper lessons with a qualified instructor.

My first-born child is heading off to university on Saturday. David and I will be driving him and all his stuff there; his siblings are staying at home. He doesn’t want all of us there, squabbling over who’s carrying what and generally embarrassing him because, let’s face it, we are the most embarrassing family ever. His sister is a little put out by this but she’s not making a fuss. He and I have talked food budgeting and making the most of a pack of mince, I’ve imparted my 101 ways with a tin of tomatoes, we’ve discussed laundry (I am an optimist), hygienic bathrooms and enjoying Freshers’ Week but not so much that you miss when actual lectures start. He’s excited but also a little anxious. To be honest, I think he just wants to get there and get started; all this waiting isn’t good for any of our nerves. We’ve yet to discuss an acceptable level of communication with home (I suspect that a text a day might be too much) but we have agreed that we’ll wait until his birthday in November to go and see him. I know that David, who works about an hour away from the uni town, will find an excuse to drop by before then. He won’t be able to help himself.

My rational brain knows that this is all exactly as it should be – it is the order of life. My emotional brain is a complete mess and it wouldn’t take much for me to weep copious tears. Ridiculous, I know.

On that note, I bid you a good night. I’ll write again soon and let you know how it goes.

8 thoughts on “Autumn light

  1. Lovely blog, and lots of changes happening. Good luck to Tom at UnI. We are only just down the road from him, don’t want to cramp his style but he is welcome for a hearty meal any time. Xx


  2. When your first child leaves home there’s certainly cause for tears and grief. Joy, too. Life is such a mixture of both. Your photos show the joy of summer flowers. Hugs.


  3. Having just survived fresher’s week as an innocent bystander, I almost wish my son was not a home student 🙂 I barely slept for a week! Good luck to your oldest and also you all. I hope the missing place setting at the dinner table will not be too painful for those of you staying behind. I am really pleased to hear your work with Agnes is going well, so exciting. Have a wonderful week. xx


  4. It’s a huge change for you all, I’m feeling nervous just reading about it, and it’s a little way off for me yet. I hope getting him there goes well and that he settles in quickly. Love the picture of Cassie in the sun. Bertie has done a spot of sunbathing too. Before long he’ll be inside on a sunny spot on the carpet after his morning walk instead of outside, but as you say, making the most of it for now. Sending you a cyber hug and my best wishes for Saturday and beyond. CJ xx


  5. Lovely photos, Sam – a perfect reminder of warm sunny days. Hope all goes well for all of you seeing Tom off to uni – your words so reminded me of when my only child went off to Leeds uni, so far away. He was excited, I took a day or two to adjust, then all was fine. If nothing else, studying away from home is a gentle nudge towards independence for our children. Good luck! Cxx


  6. Lovely flowers ,sleeping dog and I know exactly how you feel, you will adjust. It’s just what we all want and I know he is sensible really! Lots of love Joy x

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  7. Its been 10 years since our younger son went off to college. Certainly a bittersweet transition. We’ve had a strange September, abnormally warm and the hot sun feels more like August. Seems to be more autumn-like today, though.


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