End of Month View: October

The garden has had to amuse itself recently as we haven’t had time to do much out there for a couple of months. David and I cleared leaves and pine cones and needles off the paths and lawns a couple of weeks ago and did a partial weed but there are leaves and weeds everywhere again, of course. Our neighbour’s large copper beech showers the back garden constantly at this time of year. Having not managed to post an end of month view of the garden since July, you will be able see a difference, though. Plants get on and do their thing regardless of intervention from pesky gardeners.

David cut the wild patch at the bottom of the garden a month or so ago and cleared that off (hence the builder’s bags dotted about the place). The trampoline is still there but it’s days are numbered; I know I’ve said that before but they really are! Our younger son spent a day carrying the massive wood pile of huge logs that was by the pond – you can see the dead patch of grass to the left of it – up to the side of the house (we did pay him!) and David built a wood store over the weekend to house it while it seasons. There is
far more wood than room in the store, though, so he may need to build another one.

The grasses have come into their own, adding structure and a lovely airy movement around the mini orchard. We did shove these in the ground in a hurry, though, and I can now clearly see where they need spacing out. I hope you can see why we planted them, though – I love the layered see-through effect you get when you’re at eye level with them. When we’ve sorted out the interplanting and spaced them out more, they’ll look even more effective.

There is still plenty to do in the garden before winter. I bought a load of daffodil bulbs to plant in the lower garden from the Crocus sale, which arrived on Monday – these need getting in the ground as soon as possible as it’s a bit late for daffs – and my parents gave me some beautiful tulip bulbs for my birthday in August, yet to be planted. I’m still deciding where to plant them for the best view of them next spring. There’s no rush with tulips, thankfully, as they’re best planted when it’s colder in November. Oh, yes. It’s November tomorrow..!

I’m joining Helen, The Patient Gardener, who kindly hosts garden bloggers’ End of Month Views. Do visit her blog to see the lovely autumn colour in her garden.

9 thoughts on “End of Month View: October

  1. It’s looking lovely out there Sam, the summer exuberance fading into autumn loveliness. I’ve been thinking about putting some tulips in this year as well, good to know I’m not too late. CJ xx


  2. Copper beech? I have not seen one in years. Beech is rare here anyway, and the moderns beeches are all weird new cultivars. The purple beech are certainly pretty, but the copper beech is the most distinguished.


  3. Some lovely colour in your garden Sam. Autumn is my favourite season, so I naturally love all your grasses, and the Verbena is still looking gorgeous!


  4. Good to see how your garden is shaping up, Sarah, despite the unintentional neglect. The grasses are indeed coming along nicely and it’s always good when things start to clump up


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