Why I love Christmas cards

  • I’m addicted to stationery. Always have been. Give me a notebook, a pad of paper or greetings cards and a pen and I’m happy. All that potential, all the possibilities. My favourite childhood toys were my post office and my library stamps. And I always loved a writing set.
  • There are some beautiful cards – sitting down to write them is a pleasure rather than a chore.
  • Remembering the connections I have to the people I send Christmas cards to – childhoods shared, school years survived, journeys taken, workplace friendships forged… It’s important to me to remember them and it’s probably one of the only times of year that I reflect on my past in this way.
  • David’s family and my family are scattered across the country, from the south-west to the north-west and our friends are worldwide. A card is a simple and meaningful way to let them know we’re thinking of them.
  • Christmas stamps!
  • I absolutely love receiving Christmas cards. Recognising the handwriting (handwritten envelopes!) and opening the envelopes. I even love reading the round-robin letters that some people send. I want to know how they are and who’s doing what.
  • Buying cards is great way to support charity – this year, ours are from Alzheimer’s Society, Oxfam and Amnesty International.
  • Cards received can either be recycled or they can be cut up and reused as gift tags. All you need is a hole punch and string or ribbon.
  • Receiving a flurry of post that isn’t bill-related.
  • Each card sent and received is an exchange of thoughtfulness, of love and of remembrance.

I posted our cards today. I even managed to make the deadline for the USA but just missed the one to Australia (sorry Lindsey – it might arrive before 25th!). I’m not quite as organised with the gift-buying, though. That’s next on the list…

Wishing you a lovely mid-December weekend.

8 thoughts on “Why I love Christmas cards

  1. Oh, I am completely with you on this one! I love stationery – notebooks, journals, writing paper, notelets, greetings cards: the lot! – and I enjoy the contact of Christmas cards, slipping a short letter inside, writing out a greeting. Next year will be The Year of the Postcard and I shall endeavour to rejuvenate a physical postcard, as opposed to an email with a photo tagged on. I’m giving your post a very definite thumbs up!


  2. I’m with you on Christmas cards. I dread starting but enjoy the peace of sitting at the kitchen table and penning a few sentences to let friends all over the world know how we are. It is expensive to send as many as I do but I love keeping in touch. Have a wonderful Christmas yourself


  3. I will look forward to it Sam! I have to admit that other than the obligatory Christmas Cards to parents, this is the first year for ages I have made and sent cards! Mainly because I made cards for a market stall and had some leftover…..


  4. Think I’ve now got the wordpress account updated and working properly. Can you delete my previous comment please Sam? Hopefully this one will now say CT. Loved this post, I love sending and receiving cards too xx


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