February flowers

It has been a gift of a day with glorious dawn-to-dusk sunshine and barely a breath of wind. It’s certainly not the type of day you expect here in February. We’ve had a lovely weekend with my brother and his family visiting and we’ve been so lucky with the weather. We waved goodbye to them earlier this afternoon and, as my eldest child returned to uni a few days ago, it’s now back to the quiet of just the four of us again.

After they’d gone, I sat in the garden with the dog in the warm sunshine, contemplating life and admiring the violets in the lawn. Studying all the early spring promise and beauty was so cheering that I had to share it with you here. I can’t remember seeing as many violets before and while the snowdrops are not quite as abundant as in previous years, there are still plenty lighting up the lawn and path edges and looking wonderful in the afternoon sunshine.

In other news, my cast has gone. My bone is healed. Hurrah! What I stupidly hadn’t mentally prepared for, though, was how stiff and sore my hand and arm would be. My hand has swollen up (dubbed this weekend ‘the fat hand of doom’) and the skin is incredibly sensitive so there’s no pruning, digging or sowing for me yet. I will have to patient and work hard on regaining movement and strength and in the meantime carry on planning and dreaming. Thank goodness for the February flowers.

24 thoughts on “February flowers

  1. Your close-up photos are so beautiful Sam. You have the eye for close observation. I miss my violets popping up in the grass, here I seem to have a worrying amount of Lords and Ladies showing their fleshy leaves in the grass, but as we have just caught the mole (it took two gardening friends to say, “But he’s trashing your garden”, before I employed the traps. Apparently the best thing to do now is to leave him to decompose underground. I have never knowingly killed anything before and feel terrible) weeds in the grass are the least of my worries. Anyway, brilliant news your cast is off and do take it easy. It must feel very weird after so long in plaster but I am sure you are following advice and doing all the right things. Our daughter is living and working in Reading at the moment. Isn’t it amazing to see Red Kites in the town? And I am getting to know Greys Court (NT) a gem of an Elizabethan Manor house in the Chilterns wth a lovely garden. Miss Canterbury though, and while placing a sneaky Sarah Raven seed order yesterday I treated myself to Dahlia Bishop of Canterbury for the memories. Take care Sam and thanks for sharing your garden here. Sarah x

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    1. Lovely to hear from you, Sarah. I’m sure I’d be as conflicted about a mole in the garden as you are. They do make a terrible mess, though. Red kites are such a sight, aren’t they? Lovely to see them. I haven’t spent much time in Reading yet – just dropping off and picking up – but will definitely visit Greys Court at some point and David can visit the rowing museum at Henley! My wrist is slowly regaining its mobility but it’s a long way off being back to normal. Still waiting for a physio referral… Hope you’re thriving. Sam x


  2. Agreed, lovely sunny weekend. We did a change over at Barton yesterday and took advantage of a coastal walk with The Rockstar. Today included a cycle ride with a cup of tea stop. Enjoy your Spring garden and time with family. Xx

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  3. Such good news Sam – hopefully this unexpected spell of sunshine will help with the healing process. Will you have physiotherapy or do you have to do strengthening exercises at home? Those little violets are a delight. I’ve not noticed any appear here just yet but must check in the morning 🙂

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    1. I’m waiting for a physio referral (the consultant said I’d need ‘vigorous physio’!) but in the meantime trying to get it moving as much as possible. Did you find any violets?


  4. The violet photos are gorgeous. And the weather has been utterly glorious hasn’t it. Hurray for the cast being off. I hope it’s back to full strength very soon. CJ xx

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  5. So glad to hear the cast is off, what a relief for you! I hope you get back to normal strength and mobility soon.

    Your spring photos are beautiful. They make me want to explore the large estate where my workplace is situated. There are so many amazing spots here but I rarely leave the building. Wishing you a lovely week x

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  6. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I know with your early spring, you must be anxious to get out and dig in the dirt.
    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous flowers and green grass. What a pleasant sight for my winter weary eyes.

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  7. I hope your arm toughens up quickly so that you can wield your garden tools and thoroughly enjoy spring. At least the cast is off! We are still snow-covered and blizzard-y here, so my eyes are feasting on your spring flowers.

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  8. It is good that the unexpectedly sunny February was there to help with your recuperation, especially as you now have the next stage of it to face. Take care not to rush your recovery – and no bike riding!

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