Springtime goings on

Before I go on, I must say thank you for the lovely comments on my previous post. Sorry I haven’t responded individually. I can’t believe it’s been over two weeks since I wrote it – the days are flying by with little time for blogging or taking photographs. I meant to write this yesterday but here I am, on Saturday evening, tapping at my keyboard.

It’s been the most beautiful couple of days here – blue sky, warm sunshine, birds singing their socks off, butterflies flitting about (brimstones, whites, tortoiseshells) and bees busy in the flowers. It’s the time of year for daily garden inspections, if possible, to see which trees are blossoming, how many buds, say hello to the tulips, pinch off the faded daffodil heads, pull out gigantic weeds (already!), so I took my camera out with me yesterday to take these pictures. I’ve had to be very relaxed about what’s going on (or rather not going on) out there lately. I haven’t sown any seeds at all yet and I’m only part way through cutting back the ornamental grasses and perennials. It doesn’t matter. All the plants carry on regardless and I will catch up.

We will need to start getting our act together in the next few weeks because we are opening our garden again for the local Garden Safari at the end of June. It’s good to have a deadline… In the spirit of perking things up outside and to make a small start, I bought a few pink Bellis and red-pink Ranunculus this morning to plant together in an old stone trough and, amazingly, have tucked them into their new bed already. It was so good to get my hands in the soil again. Gosh, I’ve missed it.

I am itching to spend a good amount of time out there – several hours would be wonderful; hopefully next weekend. It’s a little full-on here chez acoastalplot at the moment. On Thursday morning my younger son flew to Delhi for an 18-day trip, working in a school in West Bengal, then trekking in the Himalayas (not jealous at all…). I won’t bore you with the preparations for that! On Thursday evening, two Spanish exchange students arrived to stay with us for a week and later that night my eldest child returned home from university for the Easter holidays. The Spanish girls lovely, very appreciative and polite and they both seem to get on well with my daughter. There’s lots of laughter and chatter. We’re their tour guides this weekend – today we did the beach, Deal and Dover Castle, tomorrow we’re taking them to London – and they have a packed schedule with their classmates next week. They fly back to Barcelona on Thursday, then my daughter heads off on a long coach trip to Austria on Friday for a school skiing trip. Apparently there is still snow.

For the following 10 days there will be just me, David and one grown-up child here and he mostly does his own thing. It’s going to be quiet and strange but there should be plenty of time for gardening 🙂

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. Bye for now x






8 thoughts on “Springtime goings on

  1. The blue skies make such a gorgeous background to all your bright bloomers, Sam. What a busy time you have had recently with all the family goings-on! I agree that a deadline is useful to focus your garden activities – it certainly works for me with our June openings

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  2. You’re busy indeed! But great to be back to two hands I imagine now that gardening season is upon us. It’s looking very pretty out there already. I am seeing south coast friends with tulips already – just green buds here. But is all happens very quickly at this time of year. I realised suddenly one day last week that the pear tree blossom was open. Radish and rocket seeds are in, also some flowers sown inside. Go, go, go! I hope your daughter has a fantastic time in Austria and that your younger son enjoys the Himalayas – what an amazing opportunity. CJ xx

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  3. I can’t believe how much you have blooming already! Spring has finally arrived here–skeins of geese flying over and LOTS of wind and rain. But, aside from a few tulips just poking through the ground, we are still in monochrome and mud.

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  4. Seeing all these pictures in other articles make me want to take better pictures. I would like to show off the redwoods that people come from all over the World to see, but just never got proficient with photography. My pictures are more technical than artistic. If simple grape hyacinth can look this yummy, I know redwoods can look better than I portray them.

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