There’s a spot where I sit on the steps down to our front garden where I’m sheltered by the walls on either side but I can see the lower terraces and the sun glistening on the sea on a clear, still morning. I was awake just after 6am, well before anyone else. We’re all ‘on holiday’ this week, everyone is at home – all the children returned from their travels, David off work – and everyone was sound asleep in their beds so I crept downstairs, emptied the dishwasher, cleared up the late-night mess from the teenagers,  made a large mug of tea and headed outside. Sitting on the cold step in my pyjamas, surrounded by birdsong and the sound of the sea in the soft haze of an early morning of a good-weather day, I felt alive, revived and hugely contented and chuffed that I was outside rather than snoozing for another hour in bed. I’m not a natural early riser and so it always feels something of an achievement when I manage to rise and catch this magical part of the day.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you. The photos don’t capture the glistening sea – you can just make out a slightly rosy glow behind the trees in the first photo – but they do portray the softness of the light. Sorry you can’t hear the birds singing, though. Right, I must get on with the day. Hope you have a good one.


10 thoughts on “Daybreak

  1. Wow! Sounds magical. A great start to the day. It must be lovely to have all the family home together for Easter. How was Ollie’s trip to India? X


  2. It’s my favourite time of day for a garden wander. Your garden looks and sounds magical – especially with a glint of sea!


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