Friday flowers

I’ve missed posting Monday vases for the past couple of weeks so here are some flowers for Friday 🙂

The lupins and clematis are in my mother-in-law’s garden. We can’t grow lupins here because a red alert goes out for miles around and all the slugs and snails in the neighbourhood make a slimey trail straight for them. The same goes for delphiniums. And dahlias, although David is de-ter-mined to try growing them again this year so we have a few precious specimens in pots and I’ve been on snail watch… Also, it’s very windy here which plays havoc with tall top-heavy flowers. We don’t have much luck with clematis, either. Most varieties don’t like chalk, according to expert clematis growers. The sweetpeas are also not from our garden! They’re grown by a lovely friend whose garden I had an impromptu tour of this morning – it’s a wonderful cornucopia, a feast for the senses, and she kindly said I could go back with my camera some time.

So, there you are. Some beautiful Friday flowers not grown by me.

I hope all’s well with you. Life plods on here. My daughter and younger son are half way through their end-of-year exams and the eldest will be home from university on Sunday as it’s the end of his first year (which has flown by). His sister will have to vacate his bedroom which has become an extension of hers (because it has wifi and hers doesn’t!) and I’m clearing the backlog of laundry and filling the fridge and cupboards in readiness.

Have a lovely weekend.

PS I’ve been having trouble commenting on blogs that aren’t WordPress. Sorry to my blogging friends who are on Blogger, etc (CJ, CT et al). I am reading and would love to comment but for some reason I can’t! I will ask my technical support to take a look.

10 thoughts on “Friday flowers

  1. I’m so glad it’s not just me with the slugs and snails. I am trying dahlias again this year. Already a mollusc has climbed (slithered?) to the very top of the plant and chewed through the stem of the first bud 😦


  2. Your flowers are lovely! Enjoy the time with all your children under one roof at the same time. I have had the same problem leaving comments on Blogger blogs for over a year and still haven’t found a fix. If you figure it out please let us know. I think there are many blog readers in the same predicament.


  3. Don’t worry about the commenting. Beautiful flowers. I have exactly the same problem with delphiniums, and sadly none of mine even germinated this year. I also have a handful of precious dahlias. So far so good. Some years the snails eat them as fast as they grow. It has just occurred to me that after all the rain today the snails will be on the march. I have completely given up on hostas, no idea how people grow them at all. Hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx


  4. Beautiful flowers! Life is plodding on here as well, slowly but steadily. As for commenting, I recently cleared all my cookies and history and all of a sudden I was able to comment again. Have a lovely weekend x


  5. Oh what fine lupins Sam. Sadly there are too many munching molluscs in my garden to risk growing them. Good luck with your dahlia endeavours. The molluscs tend to prefer the varieties with green leaves. I’m not sure why.The sweet peas must have been a welcome gift. Have a good weekend.


  6. Those lupins are gorgeous! 🙂 I have found I can grow them in my new garden as we have sandy soil and hardly any slugs! So I must get some seed sown this year. 🙂


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